New drone footage shows Apple Park’s final touches

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Apple last month announced that its brand new $5 billion headquarters in Cupertino, California would be dubbed Apple Park. Recently, as new drone footage by Matthew Roberts – a videographer, shows that some parts of the Apple Park is still under construction.


Even though the construction started  last month, it takes about 8 months to complete the landscaping as well as add additional finishing touches around the new campus, meaning  it is not until the end of this year that the Apple Park is finished.

Besides, Apple has been able to plant a number of high and mature trees around the campus in the past few weeks. In addition, it has also used a majority of the huge pile of the earth the company dug up to develop the landscaping work.

Besides, a main building which looks like the ring is being finalized. As stated, this building is so large that it can contain up to 13,000 people. Other facilities are also being finalized.

Apart from the main ring-shaped building, we can name some other nearly-finished facilities including the Tantau Avenue parking garage and massive parking garages. Besides, the secure research and development centers are built on the outskirts of the campus. There is also the kiosk for visitors and tourists, and big tunnels running down the main building. Apple Park also offers solar panel system on the roof which seems to be nearly finished.

On the contrary, there still exists a few unfinished facilities, however they are expected  to be finished in a couple of weeks. Apple has started moving in their employees since the beginning of April.

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