Get Ready for New iPhone Launch | Apple iPhone 6 Launch is all Set for Autumn

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Next month, Apple will start producing components for assembly of new models range iPhone, so says the online edition of Bloomberg. There is also information about that device with 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens will be released almost simultaneously . Besides, in the Bloomberg argue that in most cases the consumer declines the choice in favor of widescreen displays. For example, in China, the number of smartphones with screens more than 5 inches is more than 40% of the market of mobile technology.

                                                                                                                                                                    Image Courtesy – Youtube

As is known in the new iPhone 6 will be a completely new design with a more rounded body and subtle forms, as well as developers use non-standard, curved glass, and special sensors that can respond to the pressure force. For these reasons, new iPhone 6 ​​with 5.5 – inch screen ismore complex to manufacture than other models of mobile technology from Apple.

The first batch of devices that fall into the hands of retail operators, around September this year. Also recall that the device will be issued under the new operating system from Apple called iOS 8 . Presentation of the new operating system created a furor in the market of mobile technology. Now anyone with a gadget from Apple, will using your mobile very accurately monitor their physiological parameters in real time!

Source: Bloomberg


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