Nova 3 for iOS : Nova 3 Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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NOVA 3 : The Game you’ll Love on your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

I had never assigned an app such as a multiplayer shooter game , but several weeks ago, with the release of Modern Combat 5 it is possible today, it’s NOVA 3 . A real great game FPS set in the future where we will live an epic battle. It costs € 5.99 and is compatible with iPad and iPhone.


In Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (NOVA 3) mankind will return to Earth after years of exile. Played in campaign mode with a fabulous story and a very well developed plot  with multiplayer platform where thousands of players can play together.


A Futuristic, Dystopian Modernist Game : Nova 3 for iOS 


NOVA 3 features a very modern interface that responds great to interact with the user. Pressing any of the buttons on the menus, they shine with a highly visual aesthetic lighting. From the main menu you can choose either playing the campaign mode or multiplayer . In the section of settings, you have the opportunity to shape the sound and controls (which allow you to use the gyroscope of your iPad or iPhone).



Controls : Nova 3 for iOS 

Maneuverability in NOVA 3 is quite fluid. As in case of other MC5 and Best iPad games of the genre, you can view the entire environment by sliding your finger on the screen or using the gyroscope of your iOS device itself . In the bottom right, you will find the trigger buttons, jump, scope and impulse wave. Although the settings of these buttons can be changed , positioning by left-handed mode.


Campaign Mode : Nova 3 for iOS 

The campaign mode tells a fascinating story presented with images, texts and comments in English . The game also features exciting animations, not only in the scenes of filing Chapter, but also interspersed in the gameplay. They are amazing and you feel like you are put right into the plot of the game!


The game developed by Gameloft also has additional buttons like the button to throw grenades, a pad to track your movement, a button to switch weapons and reload bullets and even a button with different options for sending quick phrases or strategic commands to go to your team in multiplayer mode.

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Multiplayer : Nova 3 for iOS 

One of the strengths of this type of game, obviously, is the multiplayer mode. At NOVA 3  you can choose to play via local WiFi or online mode , in which you will face thousands of players around the world . Before starting to talk about the different game types ,NOVA 3 will allow you to create your own profile with a custom avatar, your signature and death statistics. Every death, and won game will support you to earn experience and your level ups.


In addition, as you are obtaining coins in the game, you’ll get more weapons and upgrades for your character. If you go to the section of the online multiplayer then, you will have the opportunity to create or join a game. The good thing about NOVA 3 is to find many different game modes: Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, freezer, and instagib capture area. Are all hilarious!

In multiplayer you can talk to your team mates by voice chat !

NOVA 3 Walkthrough video

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