Overheat iPhone 6, 6+ when using: Cooling and protecting

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If you are feeling that your iPhone 6, 6+ gets hot so fast that it is restricted use especially apps access by 3G or wifi and you realize that your Iphone seems to be error due to overheating, the following knowledge may help you.

1. Reasons for Iphone 6, 6+ overheating when using:

Unsuitable bumper: In some circumstances, your bumper can cover most of radiator part and the back of Iphone exposed to bumper is no heatsink, so Iphone gets hot fast and cool down slowly. Let’s try to not use bumper and try again.


IOS error: In common, Iphone running IOS version 8.0 is not so hot, but your device will be hotter if you update new version IOS by OTA. Therefore, you should restore Iphone 6 by iTunes so that hot state can be significantly improved. You can also refer how to fix Iphone overheating when updating iOS by OTA.

In general, Iphone is hot: Most of Iphone users agree that Iphone gets hot faster than others in using process. Therefore, if you compare Iphone with other brands, Iphone will be less than about cool setting.

Hardware error: there are many causes for Iphone 6 overheating due to hardware error. However, we don’t have any information about battery error on Iphone 6. Therefore, if your phone meets this error, your phone can lie in the the worst case- errors in batch production and by the manufacturer and of course, you can exchange another new one. However, firstly, you can check saving battery options on iOS 8 to save battery and turn off unnecessary apps, sometimes they might be the main reason for overheating phone.

2. How to prevent Iphone 6, 6+ from overheating when using:

– Remove fittings such as bumper or edge from Iphone to your phone can cool down commonly.

– Note that temperature for Iphone running well is about 20- 45 degree and ensure that body temperature is 35 degree so that you can check it warm or hotter. This means that if it is so hot that it might burn your hand, please take your phone to service center.

– Turn off screen and any running apps or connections and take your phone to 35 degree or cooler environment to self-cooling device.

– Turn off source so that your phone can cool down better and reboot phone after finishing cooling down.

3. iPhone 6, 6+ notifies temperature error:

Overheated iPhone warning
Overheated iPhone warning

– When using, iPhone 6, 6+ gets hot ( much more you feel the back of the phone), you should turn off all apps in the background, stop connecting wifi or 3G and then turn off screen in 5-10 minutes so that phone can cool down itself in a safe way and then you can keep using.

  • When using device, Phone suddenly notifies temperature with saying “ Temperature: Iphone needs to cool down before you can use it” and phone doesn’t allow you to do anything more.
  • To return to normal operating equipment, hold “home” button and scroll to unlock. If the device has cooled down enough, you can resume normal use.
  • Now stop charging device (if any), display screen dimmed or be black.
  • Camera flash temporarily disabled.
  • At the screen malfunction, you still let phone alone without pressing any buttons or turn off the power after announcing the end, you will test iPhone having any problems during the “fever” by:
  • Press the power button to turn off and restart the iPhone, it would be useful because normally if no error or software applications, this temperature will not be reported. Therefore, you can reboot the phone and turn off all running applications and rerun the program.

– Rerunning the software for device to sweep away 100% software error, those who use the iPhone with jailbreak and install applications from cydia may encounter this problem so you need to restore your phone to original settings to resolve temperature error Iphone 6.

– However, if none of the above steps work out for you and your iPhone 6 is still overheating and experiencing battery drainage, you should take it to your nearest Apple store to correct the problem.

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