Pigs Can not Fly, a Smart and Successful Evolution of Flappy Bird

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Pigs Can not Fly could be almost a full-blown platform game, if it were not for gameplay reminiscent, albeit vaguely, those typical of Flappy Bird, in which you will have to perform continuous tap on the screen to fly the piglet protagonist of game. Cost $ 2.99 for iOS .

Judging only by screen available on the card game in the App Store is a risk of this exchange Pigs Can not Fly with a simple clone of Flappy Bird. It is absolutely not the case, given that the new title Bulkypix is a smart and funny evolution of the title of Nguyen. And in fact, even the mechanics at the base might recall those of any Flappy Bird, the protagonist of the game will have to move within levels of well-structured, in an attempt to collect keys, stars and reach the escape route.


As already mentioned a few lines further on, the game mechanics could deceive and lead you to think a clone of Flappy Bird. In fact, it will continue running tap screen that you can lead the little pig flying through the areas of the game.Unlike the title of Dong Nguyen, however, you can wander around the level leading the protagonist to the right, left, up or down.

How to Play Pigs Can’t Play

And in fact, the two icons on the screen, acting almost as directional arrows: a tap on the right wing to move right and vice versa, a tap on the left wing to go into that direction. Simultaneously, pressing the two wings on the screen, however, you can take off a quick leap upward in a vertical line.

GamePlay Pigs Can’t Fly iOS

Moreover, unlike the previously mentioned Flappy Birds, purpose of the game will not be at all to resist as long as possible in the air, in an attempt to dodge obstacles.In Pigs Can not Fly, it will be necessary to move the pig as in any platform game, in an attempt to reach the exit. Initially you will have to pay attention only to metal spikes placed in some of the walls of the level, but with the progress of the internship you will need to dodge lava, more disturbing elements and various enemies, ready to bring us down. Do not miss even the bosses area, where you will need to run and fly quickly to the exit to escape from the enemy.


In terms of graphics Pigs Can not Fly certainly does not show the muscles and has a stretch really simple and not too detailed. In any case, the immediate gameplay, but load challenge, overcomes the shortcomings graphic. In terms of longevity of the product offers 80 different locations, even if the first player to commit a few seconds. In short, they seem a lot, but 80 levels go by really fast.Given the price of the game would have been the case for at least exceed the 100 Stage. This problem, however, is overcome with free updates.

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