Tips To Prepare Your iPhone/iPad For iOS 12 Public Beta

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iOS 12 public beta is on the way to iPhones/iPads and many of you would absolutely give it a try. So, we think it’s necessary to toss up some helpful tips to get your device ready for the iOS 12 public beta. Here are certain things you should get right before jumping on the bandwagon.

Prepare Your iPhone/iPad For iOS 12 Public Beta

Ensure You Have Registered For Public Beta Program

To install the public beta on your iOS device, you first need to register your account for the Apple’s Public beta program. The process is very simple and it’s totally free. If you have previously joined the public beta program, all you need is just signing in your Apple ID and password.

To enroll the program, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Launch any web browser on your device and visit

Step 2. Now, log in your Apple ID and password.

Step 3. Next, choose the iOS tab.

Step 4.  Scroll down and click on Enroll your device.


You now have to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have successfully signed up your device, your phone will receive the public beta as soon as it’s available.

Make Sure You Have iCloud or iTunes Backup

The first thing you should do before installing a public beta is backing up your device. In case something goes wrong, you will still have a backup to recover data. When doing a backup via iTunes, make sure you have created an encryption backup. Since iTunes cannot automatically save some of the personal information, so you need to tick the encrypt box to back them up.

To do this, connect your iPhone/ iPad to computer, launch iTunes, select your device and then check the Encrypt box under Backups section. Next, back it up as usual.

iCloud will then automatically encrypt your entire backup. Hence, you don’t need to do anything extra to secure your data.

Step 1. To back up your device via iCloud, go to Settings → Apple ID.

Step 2. Tap on iCloud → iCloud Backup → enable iCloud Backup and choose Back Up Now.


Make Sure There’s Enough Space On Your Device

Another important thing you should note before installing the beta is to make sure that your device has enough space for the public beta version.

You should clean up the unwanted files to retrieve a number of valuable storage on your device. For example, you can offload your apps, delete documents and data or shoot out the “Other data.” If you find your iPhone/iPad a bit cluttered, you need to hit the ground running early.

Ensure Your Wi-Fi is Strong Enough

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind before installing the public beta. Firstly, ensure your device’s battery is at least 50% battery. Secondly, make sure to connect your device to a strong Wi-Fi. Once you have got them, getting through the process will be easier.

These are some tips you should prepare before installing the iOS 12 public beta for your iPhone/iPad. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.




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