Get Real Multitasking on iPad, iPhone with these 5 Steps

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  • Do you know that you have true multitasking on your iPad and iPhone
  • Here are a series of tricks and tweaks methods for multitasking.

Many times, you must have noticed that while switching from one app to another we lost all data, content or downloads? Would not it be great to have true multitasking on your iPhone or iPad? Due to the limitations and politics that Apple applies to its products, iOS users can not open multiple applications simultaneously. But OSXiOS Expert will provide you six methods for true multitasking on your iOS device with and without Jailbreak . Forget overshadowing the applications!

With these helpful tips we offer, you can open multiple applications simultaneously shape windows, resize these windows, watch videos while surfing the net, chat with friends on Facebook while you tweet … There are endless possibilities!


Methods for True Multitasking without Jailbreak

Explore several web pages at once -True Multitasking on iPhone


Something it is essential to open two web pages at once to quickly copy and paste text or visit various social networks but it is impossible on an iPad or iPhone, unless you count the DoubleBrowser application. An app that lets you open several web pages without having to switch between different tabs. Using this way you can chat on Facebook and check your tweets, check a web of information while composing or writing on your blog …


Both sites work independently , so you can zoom in on each of them separately.However, DoubleBrowser just opens the app mode landscape (horizontal).


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Listen to Music while Surfing the Web – Play Youtube Videos in Background in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you do not want to hear songs from the native music app or just want to listen songs from YouTube while surfing the net you can try this simple method to prevent music to stop while you switch from one to another tab in the web browser.

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Methods for True Multitasking with Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad

Play Video While Other Applications Open


Thanks to this wonderful tweak through which you’ll be able to play videos on your iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini Air barely lifting a finger (Well, actually moving a couple of fingers). Just install and tweak VideoPane which will automatically handle and detect videos .



Once the video is detected, the tweak will offer you the option to create a small window (resizable) in which the video will play forever in the foreground . So you can watch movies while chatting with your family or friends, watching documentaries while working on your project … etc.

The tweak is available for free from the source or repository:

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Add Widgets on your iPad or iPhone – Real Multitasking

X DashBoard

DashBoard X is a Cydia tweak that allows you to add all kinds of widgets to your Springboard . Thanks to this great tweak, having the ability to add widgets as happens in Android: calculator, notes, weather, clock …

Download this tweak from the source or repository:

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Open Multiple Applications Simultaneously on iOS 6


Why settle for one when we can open many ? That’s the premise of Quasar, the tweak compatible with iOS 6 that allows users to open more than one application at the same time to have multitasking on iPhone and iPad.


The tweak lets you adjust the size of each of the windows and put them in the place you want. It’s great! The only bad thing is that the developer has not chosen to update the tweak for iOS 7 and therefore, can no longer do …

Download free Pirate tweak from source or repository:

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Open Multiple Applications Simultaneously on iOS 7

OS Experience

Experience is an OS tweak Cydia that works much like Quasar, however it is more complex to use. As its name suggests, OS Experience iPad follow the concept of multi-tasking operating system of Mac OS.

With this tweak you can change the window size and position them wherever you want … even tweak is responsible for automatically adjusting the windows using half the screen each. It’s great!

OS Experience costs $ 9.99 and you can download from the source or repository:

Your Methods for Multitasking on iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

These are our tips and methods to get true multitasking on your iOS devices. Skipping the limitations of Apple implies a much greater freedom of movement and offers features that improve our quality of life, save time and aggravation. Whether through some trick or some tweak …  Do you know any other trick or tweak to bring multitasking to iPhone and iPad?

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