Instructions to Easily Get Back Lost, Deleted, Corrupted, Data on iPad, iPhone PhoneRescue

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  • PhoneRescue gets up to 22 different file types .
  • It offers three modes of recovery : from device, from iTunes or from iCloud.
  • PhoneRescue is compatible with Windows and Mac.

PhoneRescue an extraordinary data recovery software for iPhone, iPad :

Sure occasionally you lose some data in your iPhone by accident, you’ve lost or stolen device and you could not get it back. Today we have some programs that can recover lost data in a very effective way to market. One such program is PhoneRescue, software that allow us to recover a variety of iOS data in a very easy and fast.


Some programs are quite limited when retrieving data according to which conditions have occurred or if we continued to use the device after it is lost. In PhoneRescue we offer one of the most complete recoveries and not only that, also ensure that we can retrieve them regardless of how that loss has occurred.


PhoneRescue also does not need iTunes installed and allows you to manually select the files we want to regain our iPhone. Currently has the capacity to find up to 22 different files for iOS.

Three different ways to recover all your information from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch :

We can lose our information in various ways and so PhoneRescue offers alternatives to recover . In the event that we have accidentally deleted photos, text messages, call log or other information we had on the iPhone we can recover through mode Recover-from-DeviceThe first option is a safe and reliable way to recover data and files directly from your iOS device , whatever that is.


Secondly we can find that the iPhone has hurt us and can not connect to the computer or we would have won. In this case we can use Recover-from-iTunes-Backup , thanks to which we can recover all we had in the backup, including content removed reel photos and voice messages we thought was lost.

Finally, the third method of recovery PhoneRescue offers is for those cases where we do not have an iOS device operating or backup in iTunes. Recover-from-iCloud-Backups cans the data stored in the backup have in iCloud and allows you to restore the content we want in a few simple steps.



Recover Photos, Messages, Voice memos, Logs, Records and more from iPhone, iPad :

As previously stated, PhoneRescue to retrieve up to 22 different file types . Among them we find text messages, iMessages, call history, multimedia messages, photos, videos, contacts, Safari bookmarks, calendar or even the conversation history for messaging applications.

PhoneRescue allows you to recover music, playlists, audio, audiobooks, ringtones and more. We also have the ability to save the settings, preferences, personal information, documents and other content from third party applications.


To provide the most effective solutions for data recovery on iOS devices PhoneRescue offers the ability to scan directly copy text to the clipboard and export files in various formats .

Note that PhoneRescue is compatible with both Windows and Mac and has a very simple interface that makes it very easy to use program.


From the official website of PhoneRescue comment that are continuously working to provide the best possible service and launch new updates on upcoming features that will recover most lost data from your iPhone.

Do you Know any other ways to restore iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or having problem with the guide let us know.

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