Reduce Facebook ’s battery consumption on iPhone

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As we know, the Facebook application on iPhone is one of the many applications that consume the most battery capacity. The following tips can help users to increase the battery life and be able be to use the most popular social networks today.

Why does Facebook influence so much on battery life?

In particular, Facebook is an application that consumes the most battery life on the iPhone, and smartphones in general. Facebook uses the location-based services, personal information … to make the advertisements for users who want to see. The information given to users is analyzed and sorted in a real time. This will spend a lot of mobile data, and battery refreshing and providing advertising to users.

Seven steps to reduce battery consumption of the Facebook application on iPhone

Here are seven tips to help users reduce battery consumption of the Facebook application on the iPhone. The most optimal way is still remove the Facebook application on your iPhone and access it on Safari.

  1. Disable location services and refresh the background apps

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Facebook

Facebook uses user’s location services to offer services, advertisements in an authentic way. Disabling location services can help users increase the battery life, sometimes lower the temperature on the iPhone.

In Setting > Privacy > Location Services. Choose Facebook and disable access to your location in Facebook applications.


Settings > General > Background App Refresh

One problem users should note is the Background App Refresh (refresh apps in the background). Go to Facebook in Settings > General > Background App Refresh and disable it. This will disable the status update feature, contents while users do not use Facebook. It can significantly increase the battery life and the mobile data.


2.  Disable auto-play video

Facebook > More > Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos > Auto-play

In some previous updates, Facebook has added auto-play video feature on the Facebook home page on the iPhone.  To disable this feature, users access the path Facebook> More> Settings> Account Settings> Videos and Photos> Auto play. Users can set options here, auto-play video when using both mobile data and Wi-Fi or never auto-play.


3.  Disable or reset notifications

Settings> Notifications> Facebook

Turning off Facebook notifications on the iPhone will help users increase the battery life.


4. Reinstall Facebook apps

Press and hold the Facebook icon on the home screen until the icon appeared ‘x’ in the upper right side, click ‘x’ to remove the Facebook app. Then download it from Apple App Store again. It will help to clean up the cache, increase performance of applications.

5.  Close Facebook app on  iPhone when not in use

Double-tap the Home button to open multitasking screen, swipe Facebook app upward to turn it off completely. Then users can use Facebook again; this will completely disable the Facebook on the iPhone when it is not in use to reduce the application’s operation and increase battery usage time.


6.  Use Facebook in Safari

A thorough method is to use Facebook in Safari and remove completely the Facebook app on the iPhone. This method can save over 15% on iPhone battery life.

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