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Mobile advertising platform Opera Mediaworks presented a study of consumption mobile users content dedicated to health and fitness. Basis for the first part of the study was the data Opera Mediaworks, which provides 500 million monthly mobile advertising impressions on more than 400 mobile sites and apps for health and fitness. The study sites and applications for health understood resources containing content about the medical aspects of health and healthy lifestyles. Whereas resources devoted to fitness, had to be content on the topic of weight control and exercise.


The study showed that:

  • Visitors sites about health and fitness are mainly owners of iPhone.
  • But iPhone users consume more content about health (62%) than about fitness (58%), whereas the owners of Android-devices, on the contrary, give preference to the resources devoted to fitness (39%) than health (30%).


Interest in the content dedicated to health and fitness, has significant national differences.

  • Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom are the countries with the highest consumption of content about health and fitness, as evidenced by the number of impressions of mobile advertising in this category sites and applications.
  • Lack of a developed health system does not encourage users to consume more health information: 11% of all mobile ad impressions relating to the country with the lowest number of doctors per capita (per 1000 people), only 1% of impressions generated sites devoted to health.

iPhone-owner-health-workout iPhone-owner-health-workout


Consumption content about health and fitness peaks in mid-week and reduced by the weekend.

  • Midweek (Tuesday and Wednesday) has a peak profile visit sites and applications, from Friday to Sunday activity decreases.
  • Sites and applications on the topic of health, especially popular after dinner, but peak traffic occurs closer to midnight. But the topic of fitness often attracts the users in the afternoon and evening, especially between 20 and 21 o’clock in the evening.



In the second part of the study focused on Opera Mediaworks U.S. audience, as it is the U.S. generates the highest number of traffic to sites and applications dedicated to health and fitness. The study was analyzed traffic from smartphones 50,000 registered mobile networks in the U.S., as well as a survey of 2 million users in May 2014.

  • Only one in four consumer content on health and fitness regularly attends specialized sites and applications;
  • More than 50% of all smartphone owners use their phones to get information about diet, exercise, or other issues related to health or a healthy lifestyle, but only 22.5% of the audience attending specialized resources more frequently than once a week.
  • Women are more likely to take a smartphone on training; they are also more likely than men to be listening to music, playing sports, send and receive text messages, emails and chatting on the phone.
  • Men (3.6%) use the fitness trackers more often than women (1.7%).
  • Men aged 25 to 34 years consume the most content, dedicated to fitness and health, but they look a little video. While women in the same age group look a lot more video, as well as men aged 18-24 years.



iPhone-owner-health-workout  Source: Opera Mediaworks


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