Send Internet Page, PDF or HTML Reader By Mail from OSX

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Raise your hand if, finding an internet page interesting, to report it to a friend or perhaps even to himself, copy, email opens, paste into a new message and send. All (or almost)? Well, I know that in OS X is a much more elegant, efficient and quick to do this at least if you use Safari or Chrome (the method described does not work with Firefox).

Trick to Send internet page, PDF, or HTML reader by mail on OSX

Step 1. Go to the page that interests you and then simultaneously press Cmd + Shift + i,you will open your email program, with a message already populated with the address of the page you just opened. At that point you can write in the message that you are interested or just send him well, with only one address. Note that in the subject field of the message, there will be the title of the page.


But this is only the first part and the less surprising than the coming interesting trick. If you use Mail, you can also choose to send the entire page in PDF format reader, or HTML.

In the first case, advisable if you are sending the Internet page to someone you do not know what operating system you use, and perhaps may be interested in saving the document, did you send a message with an attached text document to PDF. 

Case 2 : In the second case will send a text file attached with a single image, the main article and the text is easily copyable. 


Case 3 : In the third case will send the complete Internet page, as you see it at that time (except some images that are dynamically generated if any). Basically, your contact will be the same as your front page, provided it is connected to the Internet because the entire document will be downloaded in fact “live” from the Internet.


It is important to note that all links will be active, not just when you send the page in HTML, but also in the PDF document and the document reader. For example, if the page there are links that come out of the page, these links will be clickable.


At this point, site still believe that copying and pasting an address to report it is the best thing?

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