Recently Bought iPhone, iPad Want to Setup iOS 7 | How to Activate iOS 7

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New iPhone, exactly as with the iPad and iPod Touch, requires activation. After the first start-friendly interface iOS starts asking you about preferences in different settings. Our article will help you gain confidence in the choice of answers and without problems to pass the activation of iPhone.


Steps to Setup and Activate iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 

Step 1. Turn on the device.


Step 2. Specify the country of residence and preferred language.


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Step 3. Choose settings geolocation. Optionally include geolocation immediately, it can be done after the passage of activation by going to Settings  Privacy  Services geolocation


Step 4. Configure Wi-Fi connection to complete the activation process. If possible use a wireless connection is not present, insert the SIM-card in the tray and select Use iPhone mobile Internet.


Important! iPhone can not be activated using the Wi-Fi connection, distributed mobile devices.

Step 5. Wait for the activation.

Step 6. Choose settings iPhone. Here are three possibilities

  • Use as a new iPhone (for those who bought his first iPhone and have not yet used iTunes and iCloud)
  • Restore from backup iCloud (option for users who want to use the settings and application set his old iPhone, synchronise them to “air)
  • Restore from backup iTunes (similar to the second paragraph of choice, but the recovery will be carried out using iTunes while connected to a computer)



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Step 7. Login to existing Apple ID or create a new one. This step can and miss, but it is recommended to create an identifier immediately.


Step 8. Accept the user agreement.


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Step 9. Specify settings iCloud, the function “Find iPhone“, keychains iCloud, password protection and the possibility of sending diagnostic data from your phone.


Step 10. Complete iPhone activation.


Finish your iPhone is activated and you can begin to full use of the device.

So this is the Easiest Guide by which you can Activate iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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