Should You Buy A New Apple Watch 4?

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Apart from the new trio 2018 iPhone models, Apple also introduced its new Watch Series 4 in the launch event. This can be seen as the first major upgrade to the Watch lineup since its first release, with a dozen great new features inside. Looking at Series 4, and a though blows your mind “Should I buy this new one?” Maybe you will. So, I’m here to help you make a decision whether it’s worth buying a new Apple Watch especially if you have already been using an Apple Watch.

 What’s New?

The Apple Watch 4 witnesses the biggest update from Apple for the Watch lineup since its first introduction in 2015. It comes with a bigger design and a larger screen, more biometric sensors than before and health benefits.

Similar to previous models, the Series 4 will have two size options: 40mm and 44mm. This is bigger than the 38mm and 42mm sizes of Apple Watch Series 3 and older models. There is a room for a larger display. The screen edges are slightly curved to perfectly fit the shape of the Watch face. Users will get elegant touches, which is great.

However, it’s just a half of the what’s new in Apple Watch Series 4. Apple has also improved the heart rate sensor that makes it now capable of calculating an electrocardiogram. It is absolutely insane for a watch or any device.  This improved heart rate sensor is also capable of detecting irregular heart rhythms and abnormal heart rates. You will be notified of this by the Watch, from then, you can see the doctor to ensure everything is still fine. Those two features might sometimes be lifesaving.



The Apple Watch Series 4 also features a fall detection coming with emergency notifications. It will automatically generate a notification if there is not any movement from you in a minute after a detected fall, which is very smart.

There are also other new features such as automatic workout detection, new faces, and improved complications, they are not the main stuff. Generally, it’s a big upgrade over the previous models.


In terms of pricing, it’s little more expensive. The GPS-only variant will cost i$399 while the LTE-connected model will be available at $499 (up from $399 over past model). These prices are for the 40mm model, to get the 44mm variant, you need to pay extra $30.

You are using a Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 is a fantastic watch. If you are using one, I congratulate you when you have a great smartwatch. The only biggest benefit when switching to the Watch 4 is the improved heart rate tracking. If this is the feature that you do not often use on your Apple Watch Series 3, there is not any reason for the upgrade.

However, if you have heart problems or simply want a deeper tracking of your heart rate, then it’s the reason you should upgrade. For instance, a close member in your family has recently passed away due to heart-related issues, and this something you seriously think about and often go to see the doctor for a check, it’s a great reason to upgrade to a Watch Series 4. It could catch something before a real issue happens.

Otherwise, there are not many reasons to switch from your lovely Series 3 to the new Series 4. The new Watch inherits about 90% of the features from your current Watch 3. It will be wasteful to spend $400+ only for a marginal upgrade if the health features aren’t something you are looking for.

 If you are using a Watch Series 2 (or older models)

If your Watch has been two or three years old, it could get long in the tooth. You should now think of an upgrade, and in that case, the Series 4 is probably the best choice. But if you think your Watch can work well for the next couple of years, and you don’t need to use the new features on the Series 4, then you can skip it.


You can wait for next year and see if there is anything new on the Apple Watch Series 5! A thing you should keep in mind that if that itch is in six months, it is less ideal to upgrade with a new watch around the corner.

If you only have a limited budget but still want the new features, then there is another option for you that is The Series 3. With the release of the Series 4, the Watch Series 3 will absolutely receive a price drop, which is down to $279 for the GPS model and $379 for the LTE model (for the 42mm model, you need to pay extra $30). If you think the latest smartwatch strapped to your wrist is not too important, the Apple Watch 3 is an excellent choice to get almost new features of the new Watch Series 4.



If you don’t already have a smartwatch

If you are not using a smartwatch but need one, you are in the right place! You will get some good options available, which is usually a great “problem” to have.

You could just go straight to the end of the post and order yourself a Series 4. You’ll absolutely love it. However, if you’re still wondering the practicality of a smartwatch in your life, you should opt for a cheaper Series 3. As I mentioned, it’s only $279 for the 38mm GPS-only Watch 3 model, and you still get a great smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will officially be available for pre-order on September 14th. If you tap your finger right on the Buy button, the watch is available for purchase as soon as the clock is at 12:01 PST. Pre-orders will stop on the 21st. Meanwhile, the Series 3 is now available at a much lower price.


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