Shuffle Cats, the game from Candy Crush’s creator is now available for iOS and Android

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Candy Crush was once a craze that everybody was busy with their smartphones, trying to switch adjacent candies to form rows of three of the same color. The game received more than 10 million downloads back in 2012 and quickly became the number 1 most downloaded from the App Store. The studio behind this great success is King, a Stockholm-based social games company. This year, the Company has just released a new game for iOS and Android users called Shuffle Cats, promising to make a gigantic hit in 2016.

Shuffle Cats is the company’s first – ever multiplayer card game that has been designed for mobile phones. Basically, the new game lets you play rummy real-time with other players in the world.

Shuffle Cats takes cute street cats as the main characters to in a long journey to win your way across the best card clubs in town. In the game, players need to meld pairs or runs of cards. If you have a meld of three or more card of the same number card or a run of  three or more sequential cards, you win. When you win, you will get points to level up and the more you level up, the more competitive the game gets.


When you first play the game, you will be rewarded with 1000 gems and you can use these gems to compete with other players in the world. If you win, you take all gems with you, while others lose their gems.

Shuffle Cats also provides its users with a set of Lucky Charms that can be used to bolster winning chances while they are competing in a crucial game. Besides, the game features a live chat option that you can use to interact with other players.

One of best selling points of the game is that Shuffle Cat includes weekly competitive events. Accordingly, each Friday, a character named Walter will hold a tournament in his workshop and winners will earn some in-game prices along with the ability to chat packs in the game.

Shuffle Cats is great game thanks to its cute characters and competitive game-plays. The game is now available download for free on the App Store and Google Play. If you are a big fan of Candy Crush, make sure you have Shuffle Cats installed on your device.

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