Slow Wi-Fi or Internet connection on iPhone/iPad in iOS 10? Here is how to fix

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iOS 10 is the biggest revolution of  Apple’s iOS versions, so many users directly update their iPhone/iPad to this latest iOS version to get the best experience. However, after upgrading, some people complain that their iPhone/ iPad’s Wi-Fi is very slow, it needs much longer time to load a webpage, download an App, or watch or a video on YouTube than that on their computer or other devices. In this article, we will show you how to fix slow Wi-Fi/ Internet connection on your iPhone/ iPad running iOS 10.

How to fix slow network connection on iPhone/iPad

If your iPhone/ iPad also gets the same trouble – the slow internet connection, the first thing you need to do is making sure it is the problem of your network or your iPhone/iPad.

Step 1: You need to check and see how many wireless devices (including mobile devices and laptops) are connected to your Wi-Fi network. Normally, the home routers just work well for 8 wireless devices. If more than 8 devices are connected, connection will be connected . Therefore, you should disconnect some of them

Step 2: Test the speed of your network using your PC via website Speedtest. This will tell you the bandwidth of your network and whether it is slow or fast.


Step 3: Check the Internet speed on your iPhone/ iPad, and see if it also has the same problem.

Step 4: Turn off the modem/ the router, and restart them again.


Step 5: Reboot your iPhone/iPad and check the speed again. If your device is still slow on Wi-Fi/ internet connection, you should try with another iPhone/ iPad. In case your device gets the problem, you need to try the following methods to fix it.

Solutions to fix Slow Wi-Fi on iPhone iPad Wi-Fi:

1) Update your iPhone/iPad to the latest iOS.


2) Reset Network Settings


On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will clean up the network caches, and then you just need to input the password of your Wi-Fi network again.

3) Change iOS Default DNS to Google DNS


There is another solution to fix the issue, which is changing the default, DNS into Google DNS:

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Select your Wi-Fi network > tap on ‘i’ icon > then tap on DNS > Delete the original DNS > Input,, and then go back to Choose a Network screen and try to connect your iPhone/iPad again.

4) Disable Q0S, MMS and WMM on your router.


To disable Q0S, MMS and WMM on your router, you can follow these steps to make it.

  • Log in to your router
  • Move to Wireless Settings tab
  • Go to Advanced Security Settings
  • Choose Other Advanced Options
  • Click on WMM Settings
  • Uncheck WMM Power Save (or Wireless QoS all together)
  • Finally, click on Apply

Then, connect your device once again

5) Close all the background Apps

If you let too many online apps run in the background, they can make the connection more slowly. Double press the Home button then swipe up to close them.


After trying all the solutions listed above, we hope you can fix the slow connection issue on your iPhone/ iPad, if you cannot, bring your device to the nearest App Genuine and ask for help.

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