Some Apple Stores will be receiving mid-day AirPods stock after selling out on launch day

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This year, Apple has introduced the new wireless headphones, AirPods that replace the traditional EarPods. Apple is currently selling its new AirPods in the market following the launch delay in October. AirPods have quickly become a hot commodity since they showed up in Apple’s retail stores in the world. According to reports, AirPods sales seem to be very positive and AirPods stock in many App’s retail stores is low, which may result in the fact that many customers will miss the opportunity of snagging a set of AirPods.


However, according to sources, Apple Stores in the US will be receiving mid-day shipments of new AirPods supply. If you have not been able to pick up your own pair on launch day, you now have a second shot today or anytime this week to bring them home.  Apple previously promised a regular shipments of the new AirPods at Apple Stores when the pair went on sale last week, but there was no mention of mid-day deliveries in the statement.

AirPods have caused a flurry of excitement among Apple fans prior of its official release. However, some Apple Stores were initially stocked with more than ten sets on the launch day with queues in front of stores, similar to what we always see on iPhone launch day in the world. Some stores were immediately re-stocked with 50 additional units.

BestBuy and other online retailers are also going to receive restock with promised delivery the next day. If you are planning to buy the new AirPods, make sure that you check out your retailers before heading to a nearby Apple Store.

Apple’s new wireless headphones are now priced at $169 at Apple Store and retailers.With a $169 price tag, you will have a high-tech set of wireless headphones that includes the ability to activate Siri, play audio and more.

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