Some applications are only available on iPhone making any Android users jealous

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1. Manual- Custom exposure camera

If the iPhone is famous for automatic imaging capabilities very fast and good quality, the application Manual helps the user add take photos feature manually. By allowing the iOS users adjust shutter speed, ISO, balance, and white … Manual is a necessary tool that should have on any iPhone / iPad.


2, Robinhood- Free Stock Trading


If you are an investor, who love the business, Robinhood will become a workhorse for you. Application help track stocks on the market, giving advice on necessary moment, or meta-analysis on specific intervals. Above all, it’s free.

3, Fresh Air- Beautiful, personalized weather


Fresh Air can be received by all users because everybody wants to see the weather. You go out of town or travel, at work or around town, no one wants to have a cold despite wearing many clothes. Fresh Air proved extremely efficient while providing you with the most accurate data. Additionally, Fresh Air also allow you to personalize your application page.

4, Mr Jump


As predicted by many experts, Jump game can soon become the second Flappy Bird version. With simple gameplay, eye-catching interface and addictive need, this app promises to give you great entertainment moments.

5, Vesper


You are an introverted person, so why you not use Vesper, an application that helps you save recording every moment and mood of life. Vesper allows you to save your memories flow in both word and image formats, besides, the user can also use the special tag to search for later.

6, Product Hunt- the best new products, every day


If you are interested in the startup or simply invest in these companies, you can try Product Hunt. This is the application that will always update information about the founders, information on new products or potential products by week, month, quarter or year.

7, Alto’s Adventure


Adventure game with character Alto promises to give you moments of refreshing entertainment. The game is quite simple, the player must try to move the distance as far as possible. In particular, the context is also very poetic when you can be across the snowy pine forests.

8, Litely


If you’re finding yourself a color filter applications like that, look to Litely. Only with the simple operation, the image will become like a movie. Also, Litely also give you a lot of new and useful selection with many quality image filters.




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