Some simple tips to free up space on iPhone

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Your iPhone is full of storage with things you do not need. This makes you feel annoyed. Here are some simple tips to free up space for the iPhone and help you manage the capacity on your device.

  1. Check available and used storage on iPhone

First, find out what apps are consuming the most space on your phone. Open the Setting, then go to General> Usage> Manage Storage.


At the top, you will see the used storage and how many are available. Underneath is a list of the applications ranked by space they are consuming. It will take about 1 minute to load the list.

  1. Delete games you do not play

Many applications are small game, but some games may also take more than 1GB for 3D graphics. For example, the Oregon Trail used to 1.2GB.


Moreover, there are previous games hidden that you do not play anymore, for example, Angry Birds or 2048…. Get rid of them by accessing Manage Storage and tap games you want to delete.

  1. Delete old videos and podcasts

List of podcasts can actually consume a bit of space. Just surf to the left on the personal podcast to delete. Video is also the same, surf to the left and touch to delete videos


  1. Set up an automatic expiration on all messages

From iOS 8, you can automatically delete old messages. Go to Settings> Messages. In “keep messages” section, select the duration for the device to delete automatically messages; 30 days or one year that depends on you.


You can also adjust the timing of voice messages and videos stored. You can set the expiration after 2 minutes or never.

  1. Use Google+ or Dropbox for storing photos

Google+ is considered a good solution, because not only you can store unlimited – with resolution pictures of 2048×2048 pixels and less than 15 minutes  videos but also it is  free.


All you have to do is downloading the Google+ app. If you have not already have a Google account, please create an account for yourself  , and select Auto Back-Up below the app’s Settings. Remember to choose a backup only using WiFi (Over Wifi Only) and you will not have to use cellular data. Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud is also another solution.

  1. Do not use Photo Stream

IPhone Photo Stream automatically synchronizes your last 1000 photos through the iOS devices. However, that means 1,000 photographs, about 1GB, are saved 2 times.

Unless you want to share photos from iPad to iPhone anytime, or anywhere, please turn it off.

In Setting, scroll down to the Photos & Camera and My Photo Stream > Off


  1. Save only HDR photos

iPhone allows you to take HDR images (three images taken at three different exposures and then combined into one image to give you the best look). However, when you take an HDR image, the original non-HDR image is also saved by default. Hence, there are two images, see the difference here:


To disable saving the original image, go to Settings>Photos & Cameras and the toggle “Keep Normal Photo” switch to ‘Off’.


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