Spotify officially hits 75 paying subscribers

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SpotifySpotify is now the leading music streaming service on the market. Like any other service, Spotify allows users to access millions of songs from favorite artists worldwide. First introduced in 2006, Spotify quickly became the top priority for music and video streaming service.

The company has been working on improving its music service since the day one in an attempt to offer a better user experience. Spotify is still expanding its presence in other markets to attract more subscribers. Last year, Spotify announced that the music-streaming service officially hit 70 million paying subscribers, making it the number one player on the field.

Spotify has recently confirmed that it now has 75 million paying subscribers worldwide. This means that Spotify added 5 million users in only 4 months, which is pretty impressive. Spotify now has 170 million users worldwide, making it the unbeatable rival in the industry.

Spotify’s main rival, Apple Music reported that it now has 40 million paying subscribers. In reality, Apple still has a lot of work to do to overthrow Spotify in the industry. Apple keeps improving its music service to introduce new features and changes.

Both Apple Music and Spotify now offer 30-day free trial in an attempt to attract subscribers. Spotify Premium now costs $9.99 per month, allowing for access to millions of songs with high -quality audio, unlimited skips, and offline listening mode.

Apple Music is now charging $9.99 per month or $14, 99 per month for a family. Spotify is now facing a lot of competition out there. Pandora has started to gain its popularity on the market. One of the best things when it comes to Pandora lies in its on-demand streaming service that offers 40 million tracks.

SoundCloud is also one of the most used music-streaming services out there. Basically, SoundCloud acts as a platform that lets users create their own music tracks. According to reports, the music service now has more than 120 million users per month. SoundCloud now charges only $5 per month for add–free subscription.

Tidal is now one of the leading music streaming services out there. First introduced back in 2014, Tidal quickly became the tough rival that challenges Spotify on the market. One of the highlights of Tidal lies in its exclusive content from Jay Z.

With a lot of competition out there, Spotify has work to do to improve its service. There will be a lot of features and changes coming into Spotify in future updates.

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