How to Start, Pause, Resume, Cancel, Delete Timer Using Siri in iPhone and iPad

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  • The timer of our device can be of much use in some cases where we have to do some pending task in a given time.
  • With Siri, you can set the timer on our iPhone and iPad without using your hands.
  • Through this article, we’ll show you what are the commands that must be given to your virtual assistant to activate this function, using your voice.

Making use of Timers through Siri

Maybe you have to expect that it’s time to start your favorite TV series, you have a pizza in the oven or you need to measure the time it takes to do a task, whatever the reason we all need to use a timer with countdown some time . Fortunately, both the iPhone and the iPad have a perfect feature for this, and thanks to its virtual assistant Siri, that makes the timer setting even easier.


The best thing about Siri is using a timer through virtual assistant by giving commands and instructions in our natural language. For the purpose of using a countdown or a stopwatch, all you have to do is call Siri as usual, and then say one of the following types of commands to start, stop or cancel a countdown on your iPhone or iPad. You can also view the status of the countdown through Siri.


What to tell Siri to set a timer?


Siri Timer commands are as following, hold down the Home button on your iOS device to Siri about and then say one of these statements:

“Start timer”



This starts the timer for a specified time. For example, “Start timer for 15 minutes.”

“Stop timer”


This stop / pause the currently active timer.

“Resume timer”


Start the paused timer, from where it was paused.

“Cancel Timer”


Stops the timer and restart again.

“Delete all timers”


With this order we can eliminate all timers that are in the “Clock” application.

When time ups, it will sound an alarm to notify that the timer has reached zero and you have to check or do what you had prepared. For those who do not know, these tricks work with Siri  that acts as an interface for Clock app that comes by default with iOS .You can find all active timers and back accounts in the “Timer” tab of the application for manipulating them manually by using your voice.

According to one guys’ point of view OSXDaily , using Siri to set  timer is really useful in certain cases when we have busy hands or stained. With this feature avoid staining your device and get rid of unwanted mishap.

Did you know this feature using Siri? Have you ever used it? Discuss it with us and tell us your experience below.


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