Steps to delete multiple contacts at once from your iPhone

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If you are one of those who frequently work with a lot of people, chances are that you need to give your phone number out to people that you’d never add to your contacts. As a result, your contacts build up over time and you will see nothing but a mess in the Contacts app with tons of notifications from people you are not familiar with.


In reality, iOS doesn’t allow you to delete multiple contacts at once, which is a little bit disappointing, but you will be happy to know that there is a simple way you can use to get rid of multiple contacts at the same time from your iPhone.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the steps to delete multiple contacts at once from your iPhone. Before we get started, make sure that you have the Groups app installed on your device.

Steps to delete multiple contacts at the same time from your iPhone

Step one: Once you have downloaded and installed the Groups app on your iPhone, the next step is to launch the app from your home screen

Step two: Next up, you will be prompted to grant the Groups app access to your contacts and select All Contacts from the Groups list

Step three: From here, you will see a list of all your contacts. You simply need to navigate to the contacts you wish to remove from your device and tap on the circle outline located next to the contact’s name

Step four: Once you are done, tap Choose Action located at the top of the app and tap Delete Contacts from the pop-up menu

Step five: You are now supposed to tap on Remove from my iPhone to complete the task

That’s all you need to do is to get rid of multiple contacts from your iPhone. Once you are done, head to the Contacts app and check if your selected contacts were deleted.

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