Steps to replace Apple Siri with Google Assistant on your iPhone

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Last month, Google made waves by announcing its personal helper, Google Assistant on iOS. Google’s move aims to encourage iOS users to switch over from Apple’s Siri. Despite some limitations, Google Assistant is really something you don’t want to miss at all.


Google is making the process of accessing its virtual helper on iPhone much easier by allowing users to add the Assistant widget to the Today View. Basically, Google Assistant helps you better with Google’s services on your iPhone. If you are planning to switch to Google’s virtual helper, we are here to help.

In reality, Apple doesn’t let you replace Siri with the Assistant. However, if you now have a jailbroken iPhone, everything becomes much easier.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the steps to replace Siri with Google Assistant on your iPhone. Before we dive in, make sure that you have a jailbroken iPhone and a tweak called Activator installed on your iPhone.

Steps to replace Apple Siri with Google Assistant on your iPhone

Step one: First off, head to the App Store, look for Google Assistant and install it on your iPhone. Once you are done, launch Activator from your home screen to proceed

Step two: Next up, you need to tap Anywhere from the top and hit Long Hold under the Home button section

Step three: Once you are done, tap on Assistant from the Long Hold page on your iPhone and then tap Open Apps Immediately option

Step four: Head back to the Anywhere screen and select Short Hold under the Home button section. When you are in, you simply need to select Do Nothing to proceed

Step five: Go back to the home screen and launch the Settings app. After that, all you need to do is to turn off the switch for Siri at the top of the page.

Once you are done, from now on, pressing and holding the home button will trigger Google Assistant on your iPhone.

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