Steps to share multiple photos and videos in one post on Instagram

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Earlier this week, Instagram rolled out a major update that allows users to share multiple photos and videos on one post. Basically, you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and all you need to do is to swipe through to see them all. This is a great way to share your favorite moments of your friends and families.


In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the steps to share multiple photos and videos in one Instagram post on your iPhone. Before we begin, make sure that you have updated the Instagram app to the latest version. If you have not already done so, do it first.

Steps to share multiple photos and videos in one post on Instagram

Step one: First off, you need to tap the Plus icon located in the middle of the tab bar and select Library to proceed

Step two: Next up, you are supposed to tap the Select Multiple button in the middle of the image preview. Once you are done, the button will turn blue. After that, select all the photos and videos you want to add to the post (you can select up to ten photos and videos).You can easily crop a photo, so it fits within the frame by tapping on it

Step three: Once you are done, tap the Filter button at the bottom to apply the effect to all your photos and videos. Instagram allows you to edit items individually, remove items or re-order the items before sharing the post. Tap Next once you are satisfied

Step four: You now can write your caption and select a location for your post. After that, tag someone in your post and tap Done to finish tagging people.

If you want to disable comments on your post, you simply need to tap Advanced Settings and tap on the toggle next to Turn Off Commenting.

Step five: Once everything is done, tap Share to publish your post

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