Steps to stop your iPhone 7 Plus from switching lens when shooting video

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The dual lens system on the iPhone 7 Plus is a pretty amazing feature. User will be given an 2X optical zoom whenever iOS decides without losing the quality.


Unluckily, due to difference in the two lenses in terms of both aperture and physical position, you can experience a “glitch” in your video when your device switches to or from the second lens to zoom in or out. Thankfully, good news for Apple fan is that the company has added a setting which will let you get rid of this issue, specifically by stopping the iPhone from automatically switching lens when shooting video.

Let’s see how you can disable automatic lens switching feature below:

Step 1: First off,  you need to open the Settings app from your home screen

Step 2: Next up, tap Photos & Camera

Step 3: Then, tap Record Video below the Camera heading

Step 4: Finally, slide the Lock Camera Lens switch which is placed at the bottom to the ON position.

That’s all you need to do to stop your iPhone 7 Plus from switching lens when shooting video. However, this feature can only work when you’re recording video. If you switch the Lock Camera Lens to ON mode, your device will continue using the  lens you began recording with. Related to this setting, iLounge also gives explanation on how it can affect your video recordings.

Accordingly, users will be likely to depend on digital zoom rather than optical in most cases. But when you start recording a video while zoomed in to beyond 2X, you may be unable to zoom back out, as you’ll be already using the 2X lens.

The iPhone 7 Plus is one of the most desired smartphone out there thanks to its high-end specs and dual camera system. So make sure that you make the most of your device

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