How to Take Screen Shot on Apple OSX and Mac

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How do you take a screenshot of my Mac? How can I change the location where it is saved? Can I change the format during shooting? There is software to simplify operations? OSXiOS Expert can answers to all these questions.

If on the iPhone, just press the Home button at the same time along with that of Standby to save a photo of what appears on the screen, the screen shot on a Mac is something that has existed since the first version of the operating system but also something a little ‘more flexible‘ and in some ways to tame.



For the uninitiated, this is a convenient feature that allows you to save everything that appears on the screen as if we did a photo to your monitor: This is very useful on several occasions, for example when you want to do some show a function of a particular software to a friend or when you need to save all the steps during a particular operation retouching in Photoshop.

How to Take Screenshot of Mac via keyboard shortcut

Capture the screen of your Mac via the keyboard is really quite simple and can be done in several ways, each useful in certain situations.

How to Save the entire screen in one shot on Mac OSX :

Through a combination of keys, you can save all that appears on the screen, including the dock, status bar, and any other visible element inside the monitor except for the mouse cursor, the only element to never appear in the image. To do so, just press keys in sequence Command + Shift + 3 , and the result will be saved to the desktop in an image in PNG.


How to Save, Capture only a Specific Area of the Mac Screen :

Step1: This function is very useful in case we want to save only a portion of the desktop, and is made ​​in sequence by pressing Command + Shift + 4 .

Step2: The mouse cursor will disappear and in its place we will have a kind of the viewfinder that will display the X and Y coordinates in pixels in the lower right corner of the same.

Step3: At this point you will not have to click and hold to select the affected area.

Step4: In the same way as when you make a multiple selection of multiple files within a folder: During the X and Y coordinates will be replaced by the pixel size of the selected area, actually showing us how great shall be the portion of the image that we’ll save.


How to Save, Capture a Single Window in Mac OSX :

This function we can define an enhancement of the previous one as it allows you to save all that appears within a window but in one fell swoop without having to meticulously select the entire area that it occupies. 

Step 1: To do this, simply press in sequence Command + Shift + 4 to see appear in the viewfinder before,

Step 2: But at this point, press the space bar : the viewfinder is replaced by a camera that will highlight the area that will stand to save when you move between different elements that appear on the screen. 

Step 3: In addition to take a picture of the entire window, it is helpful for taking pictures of individual elements, icons and even windows or items that are located in the second floor.

Ctrl+Shift+4+Space Bar

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