Do you Know How to Make iPhone Screenshot ? Make Screenshot on iPhone 5s, 5c

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Screenshots on Apple iPhone

Apple has always boasted that their products are easy to use for virtually anyone. With the iPhone and iOS, the company has taken this to an extent never seen before; anyone within a few days of having one of the Apple smartphone can handle it with much ease and knows how to access most of the functions of the device.


The great user interface and touchscreen iOS makes the learning curve of iPhone easy and very affordable smartphone to any user; even for people who usually are not the consumers of technological products.

However, there are certain  hidden functions in iPhone which may be tricky to learn and use for owners. One of these functions is to make screenshots . This function can not be accessed from a smartphone hidden in the menu, but we have to use a combination of keys.

As we know that iPhone does not have many physical buttons, but with those few buttons available on the device you take screenshot of what is displayed on the screen of the device any time.

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So, Screenshot + iOS = > Power Button + Home Button


To make screenshot on any iPhone model you  just have to simultaneously press the Home button and the Sleep button. 

That is, we have to simultaneously press the button located on the top of the device (which serve to lock the screen) and found on the front of the device (the one used to exit an app and return the dashboard of the device). When pressed at the same time we will see the “flashing” screen and the same sound as when we take a photograph.

At that time, on the reel an exact image will appear that matches with the image  that was showing on the screen of the device or we can say,the screenshot of the image will be taken.

Once the image is captured you can use it for whatever you need. I, for example, I use this feature a lot to capture errors appearing in iPhone, saving score images while we’re playing or anything else that we can think of.

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