The incalculable risks of Jailbreak iPhone

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Recently, a tweak called “Lock Save Free” got through the approval process and appeared on the source ModMyi, one of the sources which is appreciated by Jailbreak community due to the safety. As far as function is described, Save Free Lock tweak will help your device save battery time when you lock the machine by turning off some battery-consuming functions such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, etc.


But no one can know that Lock Save Free tweak contains a trojan (malware) which is responsible for collecting ads on AdMob and steal information in it. Even if you remove these tweaks, they’re still not completely delete this trojan.

However, this trojan file may still be deleted by manual methods. After installing the Lock Save Free, this tweak will automatically create 2 files including Service.dylib and Service.plist. If you want to remove, you must first access iFiles (app lets you access and manage files), and then you follow to access to / Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries / and remove them. Of course, deleting above files will not affect on your device.


After successfully removing, you should reboot equipment and absolutely avoid Jailbreak software package developed by Dimitar Marinov / dmarinov. Besides, you should install the tweaks, the application which have been through the appraisal from users and experts in order to avoid unfortunate consequences which may occur.

That’s not to mention the case of the hacker could use malicious code to disable the device and even make your device become useless.

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