The Top 5 Essential Mac apps worth of Download

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MacBook models are among the most desired laptops in the market thanks to their exciting features and premium design. This year, Apple introduced new MacBook Pro models running MacOS Sierra with tons of changes and features ranging from Siri integration to the new Touch Bar.


However, there are tons of apps that hit Mac App Store every day and it is nearly impossible to catch up with all of them. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of five best apps you should download to your Mac.

Here are five best Mac apps you should download right now

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the best storage services in the market that allows you to back up your files and access all of them across all your devices. One of the best things when it comes to Dropbox is that it offers 2GB of online storage space for free with options to upgrade to 1TB with $10 per month. Noticeably, Dropbox allows you to save your folders locally on your Mac so you can access them offline.

  1. Twitter

Twitter ranks among the most popular social networking services with more than 310 million active users. It is definitively one of the must-have apps for your Mac. Basically, Twitter allows you to post and read short 140-character messages, so all the registered or unregistered users can read them.

  1. Google Chrome

Google’s web browser is the most popular web browser with more than 60 percent worldwide usage share of web browser. Google Chrome is really something you don’t want to miss out on your Mac despite the fact that Safari comes pre-installed with MacOS. Google Chrome allows you to sync all of your files, logins and more across all your devices. Note that Google Chrome eats up a lot of resources, so switch to Safari if your storage space starts to shrink.

  1. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a great Mac app that allows you to quickly create events and reminders right on your Mac. The app offers a beautiful, easy-to-read layout, geofenced-based alerts and full time zone support. Besides, Fantastical 2 also lets you group all your work calendars and your personal calendars on separate views. The best part is that Fantastical 2 offers a 21-day free trial, so you can use the app before buying it.

  1. 1Password

1Password serves as one of the best password managers for your Mac. Basically, the app houses all your hard-to-remember passwords and keep them safe and secure in one place. This means that you need to remember one password only to access your vault. If you are now using a Mac, 1Password is really something you don’t want to miss at all.

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