Tips And tricks To Improve Battery Life In iOS 12 Beta

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When the battery on your iPhone/iPad starts draining, you usually blame for an invisible bug. However, the power sucking features are found to be the wrecker-in-chief. So, if the battery on your iOS 12 device drains fast unexpectedly, you first deal with the usual suspects before blaming for the bug. Here some tested tips to improve battery life on your iOS 12 iPhone/iPad.

How to Improve iOS 12 Battery Life

Take A Look At How Battery Is Consumed

Before diving in the firefighting mode, you should track down all the villains that are consuming a large amount of your battery. Once you have found the culprits, there are several options to deal with them. Go to Setting > Battery to check the power consumption pattern.

Simple, But Effective Tips

First, you should start with simple solutions. In most cases, they can help you. If they cannot help, you should move on to advanced fixes.

Force Quit Apps When Not In Use

After using an app, many of us forget to close it. As a result, it will continue to run in the background and eat up your battery. So, you’d better force quit the app after you have used it.

Make Sure to Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When Not in Use

Another simple tip you should remember is to disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you don’t use them. To do so, go to Settings → Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and toggle it off.

Disable Automatic Downloads and Updates

When you download an app on your iOS device, it will also be automatically downloaded on other devices synced with your iCloud account. So, you won’t have to install it on your other devices. Although it’s a useful feature, your battery will be eaten up more.

If you have automatic app updates enabled, all your apps are updated when new versions are available.

Go to Settings app and tap on iTunes & App Stores. Under Automatic Downloads section, toggle the switch next to Music, Apps, Books, and Updates to off.


Enable Low Power Mode

Low power mode is a great solution to help you maximize the battery life of your device. Once this feature is enabled, it will kill a number of power sucking features. Apart from that, it also cut downs visual effects and save plenty of juice of your device.

Step 1: Launch Settings > Battery.

Step 2: Enable Low Power Mode.

Enable Notifications Only from Chosen Apps

Another thing you should do is allowing only some apps to send notifications for you. If you allow too many apps to send notifications, your battery hardly gets time to breathe.

Step 1: Go to Settings tap on Notifications.

Step 2: Choose an app in question and toggle the switch next to Allow Notifications to off.

Disable Auto-Fetching of New Data

Another tip you should do is preventing your account from fetching data automatically. It is very helpful in improving the battery life of your device.

Step 1: Go to Settings app → Passwords & Accounts and choose Fetch New Data.

Step 2: Next, disable Push option and select Manually option.

These are some tips and tricks to improve battery life on your IOS 12 device. If you know other tips, let’s know in the comment below.


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