Tips to sort songs & albums in Apple Music in iOS 10

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iOS 10 comes with tons of new exciting features that change the way you use your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With iOS 10, the Music app has seen a major overhaul in design. Despite that fact that the Music app is now more visually appealing to how it looked in iOS 9, but many users are struggling to locate the shuffle/repeat options within the app. Or you now cannot find the Sort Songs & Albums functionality.


In reality, the above-mentioned features are still there, but they are now located elsewhere. To help you get the most out of the Apple Music in iOS 10, in this guide, we will run you through the steps to sort songs or albums by title in Apple Music.

How to sort songs or albums by title in the Apple Music in iOS 10

Step one: The first thing you need to do is to launch the Settings app from your home screen. Once you are in, all you have to do now is to scroll down a bit and tap on Music to access the Music menu

Step two: Once you are done, head to Library section and tap on Sort & Albums option to open the sort settings

Step three: Next up, you will be presented with two options to sort songs and albums including By Artist and By Title. All you have to do now is to tap on By Title option to proceed

Step four: Once you are done, you need to head back to the Music app and you will see all the songs and albums now sorted based on Title option you choose earlier.

It would have been better if Apple built this feature right within the app, eliminating the need for users to head to the Settings app every time they want to sort songs or albums, or change the settings.

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