Top 10 iOS 9 tips for iPhone and iPad

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iOS 9 is finally here. Apple’s latest mobile software comes with full of new features and bug fixes as well as improvements to stability, speed and battery life.

According to Apple, iOS 9 is now running on more than 79% of active iOS devices six months after launch, making it the fastest adoption rate for a new operating system.

Here are 10 tips you should know about Apple’s latest mobile software, iOS 9.

1. Night Shift mode

iOS 9.3 marks the introduction of Night Shift mode, a long – waited feature for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. In reality, the new feature has been available on other platforms including Android and Windows phones for years.



Night Shift mode will help you sleep better, as it automatically adjusts the colors of the display to a warner hue. According to tech experts, exposure to blue light (emitted from displays) at night will make you harder to fall asleep.

2. Add a password to the Notes app



With iOS 9.3, you now can add a password to your personal notes to keep them safer. You can use Touch ID or a password to protect your personal details by heading to Settings > Notes > Password.

3. A new look for multitasking mode

With iOS 9, Apple introduces a brand new look for its multitasking feature. From now on, the app thumbnails will be displayed in a stack.



According to tech experts, the new multitasking mode looks more eye – catching, but the app previews are harder to glance at and you will not see the entire app preview.

4. A new Camera and Photo Library

Your Library now includes different parts including Camera roll, Selfie, Panorama, Video and Burst. According to Apple, the new Library lets you easily select your favorite photos.  Besides, you now can select multiple photos by sliding your finger across the screen.

5. News app 


With iOS 9, you now can build your own list of content based on the sources and articles you read. Noticeably, you can add many trending topics and your favorite stories in different sectors including sport, economy and society. With News in iOS 9, you can keep up with news and developments in your industry.

6. Slide over feature


Apple now adds a new slide over feature on the iPad. The new feature lets you do more things on your iPad at the same time. To enter slide over mode, you can slide your finger in from the right edge of your screen until a small slideover menu appears, then you can swipe down to scroll through the list of available apps and tap on the app you want to use in slide mode. From now on, you can play video while browsing the web.

7. Notifications

With iOS 9, you now can manage easily your notifications in Notification Center. You can set your favorite app notifications to be displayed in Notification Center. Or you can manually build a list that includes apps for which you want to receive notifications.

8. Low Power Mode 

With iOS 9, Apple introduces Low Power mode for the first time. When this mode is on, your device will gain extra three hours of battery life.



According to Apple, your iPhone screen will go dark faster, and mail fetching, background app refreshes, automatic downloads and some visual animations will be reduced or turned off when you turn on this mode. Your iOS device will ask if you want to turn on the feature when your battery icon turns “red”. Or you can manually set automatically to kick in with 15% battery life remaining.

9. Hey Siri

The “Hey Siri” was first introduced in iOS 8. With iOS 9, it gets even better and smarter. Siri now can recognize only your voice. This means that your iOS device will only listen to you.



According to tech experts, the new feature will prevent many unauthorized access to users’ personal details and apps, as anyone within earshot can give the command and interact with your device.

10. Spotlight Search feature

The Spotlight Search feature comes with a brand new look and improvements. The Search feature now includes three categories including Siri suggestions, Nearby and News.

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