Top offline games for Ipad

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Coming up with the best interesting offline games for IOS tablets, we cannot but play.

1. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a kind of puzzle adventure game having been launched on Xbox 360, PC since 2013 has officially released on mobile platform. Not containing a long cryptic story, an amazing graphic and a detailed console but Brothers: A tale of two sons still attracted players by a meaning adventure and emotional moments of the sons for his father.




Brothers: A tale of two sons is not only a game but it also seems to be a fairy story. In a remote area, there were two brothers living together. However, their life was not as happy as their peers because their mother died and father was struggling with serious diseases. Hearing rumor of immortal water, they were determined to find it to save his fathers’ life.  From here, two brothers together searched for the immortal water in epic.

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Brothers: A tale of two sons owns a unique gameplay. Players must control both of brothers to interact with the surrounding environment in order to find solution to conundrums. Like fire and ice, two brothers are two opposite characteristics but they support each other to overcome challenges in the never-ending adventure.

2Dust: An Elysian Tail



The background of Dust: An Elysian Tail is a fairy world that all characters have “cat ears”. The main character is Dust, a mysterious swordsman with the dementia conquer a range of monsters to save people and recover himself.

The fighting style of Dust: An Elysian Tail is for horizontal screen combining combo, role-playing skills – spectacular actions. With the horizontal screen design, multiple challenges are cleverly built quite complex creating its own difficulty level that only horizontal screen mode activated.

3Epic King

The background of Epic King takes players to adventure through desolate lands in Khunrath and face up with difficult challenges to hope to unravel the terrifying mystery here. In mysterious paranormal world, it exists many brutal monsters, trolls,…  are waiting for devouring you. In a brave warrior, players will have to prevent this fierce war and protect the peace for mankind. The gameplay in Epic King possesses the style like Infinity Blade. Players will experience 1 vs 1 counter with spectacular action scenes. Players will have to combine a lot of combos on the touchscreen such as tap, swipe to make a suitable movement, dodge, or attack enemies. Moreover, there are dramatic chases that only a false manipulation will cause your character to fall.


It seems that the gameplay of Epic Kings is inspired from Infinity Blade with 3D platform graphics. The Unreal Engine 4 tech is sure to defeat the heart of mobile gaming community.

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4Final Fantasy VII

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In fact, the version of Final Fantasy VII for IOS has kept all the elements from the original version on Consle or PC. There is a little difference that it is the diminution of the interface; all players’ actions now will only be through touching screen. However, with fans of Final Fantasy series, it is enough to satisfy the passion. However, so that it can be compatible with mobile devices, the graphic in game is no longer as beautiful and majestic as its on PC or console. The story of Final Fantasy VII is repeated, strange planets: Planet (also known as Gaia) becomes chaotic again. Energy Production Company named Shinra Inc indiscriminately exploited energy resources of the planet (called Lifestream) to use as a fuel for all activities. Of course, this is not a good purpose of this company and everything becomes worse after a short time. At this point, Cloud and his friends have to fight and prevent impending danger.

5Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories is an adventure game mixed with horror elements. This game owns a puzzle style that brings the challenges, observations, minds of the players. Besides, the game graphic designed by advanced 3D Unity technology give players the sharp images, true and scary details that bring the thrilling feelings like other game genres.

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Joining in the Forgotten Memories, players will play the girl Rose Hawkins – the main character is a pitiful refugee. She woke up in a dark place with full of scary effigies, the missions for players is to follow the trails to find her missing sister: Eden. The context of the game was inspired from horror games in 1990s such as : Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark to evoke somewhat “obsession” in the past.

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