How to Fix “Unable to Join Network” on iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini : Fix iPad Network Error

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  • Trick to solve the problem ” Unable to join the network ” Error in iPad Air and iPad Mini
  • Discover how to stop this annoying problem with iPad  by  following few simple steps .

Failure? When connecting to any WiFi network on your iPad? Here’s a trick you could serve to Fix “Unable to Join Network” :



Given that much of the functionality to iOS depends on an Internet connection, it is especially annoying when we can not access through our iPad. The reasons are endless, problem may be in our network, but there are other problems that are due to iOS and easily solved by following few simple steps .

One of the most common problems  faced by us are ,during connecting to a specific WiFi network, following message is displayed: ” Unable to join the network . ” The message may usually appear when we are trying to connect to a new network may be durring connecting to our home network. The problem is that this message is not descriptive and does not give us any clue as to where the problem might be and how to handle it.

Of course, keep in mind that there are many variables behind this error message, but here we will try to follow a standard solution that could solve the problem in most cases .

How to troubleshoot “Unable to Join Network” on an iPad or iPad Mini



1.-The first thing to do is go to Settings – General – Reset and select ” Reset Network Settings “. You duties are to enter passcode to confirm the restoration.


2. Wait for your iPad or iPad Mini to restart completely.

3. Go Back to Settings – WiFi and try to connect back to the network on which you found the problem.



After resetting the network settings, all passwords stored for different WiFi networks, as well as configuration details of these will be deleted. With this we can eliminate all residual cache or preferences that could be affecting when we connect  to WiFi network. So after doing so, you must re-enter all the passwords for the different networks.

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If you still have the same problem, try to connect manually to the WiFi network .For this you should choose the “option Other “from the WiFi menu and enter the exact name of the router, the encryption type and password.



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