Universal Clipboard not working? Here is how to fix it

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Universal Clipboard has been available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac since the days of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. The feature offers a useful way to quickly copy notes and content between your iPhone and MacBook devices. This means that you can copy a quote you come across on your Mac and send it to your friend’s iPhone.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything runs smoothly. We have heard a lot of complaints from iPhone and Mac owners that the Universal Clipboard stopped working, thus preventing them from copying and pasting across their devices.

If you are among those users who have been hit by the issue, then we have compiled a list of the best solutions that help you deal with Universal Clipboard not working. Before we begin, you need to make sure your device is now running iOS 10 and macOS Sierra to make the most of Universal Clipboard.

  1. Sign out of iCloud on your Mac and iOS devices

If the Universal Clipboard suddenly stopped working, then try signing out of iCloud on both your Mac and iPhone. To do this, unlock your Mac, click on Apple menu at the top and select System Preferences from the pull-down menu. Once you are in, select iCloud and hit Sign Out.

When you are done, pick up your iOS device and launch the Settings app from your home screen. After that, tap on your Apple ID profile at the top and select Sign Out to complete the task. Once you are done, sign back into iCloud on your Mac and iOS devices to see if the problem is fixed.

  1. Disable Handoff and reboot your devices

If the problem still persists, try turning off Handoff on both iPhone and Mac. For some background, Handoff is a part of Apple’s Continuity feature that allows you to move files between Apple devices.

To turn off Handoff on your Mac, click on Apple menu at the top and select System Preferences from the drop-down menu. After that, select General and check the box next to “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices.”

On your iPhone, open Settings from your home screen, then select General and select Handoff. Once you are in, turn off the switch for Handoff.

  1. Use Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is the gathering place for your apps and program running on your Mac. It also acts as a perfect way to fix Universal Clipboard not working issue. If you need help, make sure you check out our steps below.

Step one: First off, head to Finder, then select Applications and select Utilities

Step two: Select Folder and then type pboard in the search box

Step three: Hit the pboard process from the list and then hit the X button. After that, click on Force Quit button and exit out of Activity Monitor

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