Unlock the Mac by using Apple Watch

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One of the most outstanding features of MacOS Sierra that Apple introduced at WWDC 2016was “Auto Unlock.” Many users have been waiting the appearance for this smart feature for a long time.

Fortunately, Auto-Unlock has been released in macOS Sierra beta 2 version.

Though the process to enabling Auto Unlock is a bit lengthy, the final result is awesome. If you are trying to get on with this new feature, let do the following instructions with us

Firstly, the Mac has to meet the requirements below:

  • You Mac must be 2013 or later and runs macOS Sierra beta 2 or later.
  • Apple Watch must run watchOS 3 beta 2 or later.
  • Your Mac and Apple Watch must be connected with the same iCloud account.
  • Two-Factor authentication feature must be enabled for your Apple ID.
  • Passcode must be enabled on your Apple Watch.


Note: To know your Mac’s model year, you can click on the Apple logo at the top-left menu bar and choose About This Mac. You will see the model year in the main Overview tab.

Enable Two-factor Authentication feature for your Apple ID account in order to use the Auto Unlock feature. At the same time, you will have to turn off Two-Step Verification.

How to Turn Off Two-Step Verification on Mac

 Firstly, visit appleid.apple.com → Click on Edit under the Security sectionTwo-Step Verification, select Turn off Two-Step Verification.

Turn On Two-factor Authentication on Mac

Click on Apple icon → select System Preferences → click on iCloud → choose Account Details → click Security → choose Turn On Two-factor Authentication.

You can refer this guide for more details.

How to Enable and Use Auto Unlock on Mac

After turning Off Two-Step Verification and turn on Two-factor Authentication feature, now you can enable ‘Auto Unlock’ on your Mac by doing the following steps:

Step 1:  Make sure that you have set a passcode on your Apple Watch running watchOS 3 beta version. (Tap on Watch icon on your iPhone → My WatchPasscode → tap Turn Passcode On → enter a passcode on your Apple Watch → re-enter your code.)

Step 2: On your Mac, open System Preferences.


Choose System Preferences in Mac OS X El Capitan

Step 3: Click on Security & Privacy


Select Security & Privacy in Mac System Preferences

Step 4: Check the box next to Allow your Apple Watch under General tab to unlock your Mac.


Choose Allow Your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac

Step 5: When being asked, you need to enter your Mac’s password. You will see a “Turning On” notification on the screen.

Step 6: Next, lock your Mac and try to wake it by wearing your Apple watch.

You will see a notification on the screen “Unlocking with Apple Watch.” Now, your Mac has been successfully unlocked.

If you unlock your Mac without wearing your Apple Watch, the password screen will appear as usual.

If you use a desktop Mac, Auto Unlock feature will just wake the machine.

If the Mac is already awake, you will have to press the Cancel button to invoke Auto Unlock

Above are some simple instructions to unlock use Auto Unlock on Mac, hope you like Auto Unlock feature of the latest macOS version. If you find any useful information, share your comments with us below.

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