Easy MacBook Memory Upgrade with Nifty MiniDrive SD [Review]

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Nifty MiniDrive is a special microSD reader that slips into the SD slot and integrates seamlessly into the MacBook, adding storage space for data backup and also to accommodate the operating system. Macitynet put him to the test: the Apple Online Store at 29,95 €

Nifty MiniDrive, is a special accessory for MacBook that allows you to take full advantage of the SD slot to expand the memory of your laptop. Let’s face it: how many of you constantly use the SD slot of the MacBook? Unless you have special needs to constantly download photographs of daily SLR or transfer files to SD cards, the housing used in these cards remains unused most of the time.



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The disk space is never too much, especially on the new laptops with solid state drives where, although this new generation of disks is much quieter, faster, safer and more reliable than traditional hard drives, in relation to storage the price is decidedly higher. Considerably increase the memory of the MacBook you can completely replace the SSD with a larger, perhaps to buy on offer on Amazon : this operation is not yet available to everyone, as for those who want to play it safe without relying on do- it-yourself, you must take your computer in for service. The solution much faster, c0mpletamente customizable and most economic resides in Nifty MiniDrive which in essence is nothing more than a microSD reader that slips into the SD MacBook blending perfectly into the unibody that distinguishes Apple computers .


The Nifty can get home in two different types of packaging: in our case we tried the version for MacBook Pro 13 “and 15” with 4 GB microSD, that for MacBook Air 13 “with 2 GB microSD and version Retina MacBook Pro and 15 “with 2 GB microSD. While the first two arriving in the very same package, characterized by a cardboard box, the third version has arrived within an envelope in a simple disposable packaging cardboard. Between the two we definitely preferred the more minimal and sustainable packaging because, once the Nifty entered in the computer, will in any case thrown.

How Nifty MiniDrive Looks on Macbook Air

Aesthetically consists of a plastic body with an outer edge of the same color of the aluminium MacBook that touch releases the same feeling you get by touching the case of the unibody MacBook.Like any SD card, slips into the slot used, but unlike the latter, does not protrude externally: this is very important because it allows you to use your MacBook in mobility being able to insert easily into a bag or carry out measurement without the risk of breaking . The Nifty becomes an integral part of the computer and allows memory expansion without having to request assistance of the MacBook to replace the HDD / SSD.

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