How to Use iPhone Autocorrect and Keyboard Shortcut More Efficiently

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  • The shortcuts allow us to write more quickly without using correct words we use often as the device itself corrects it.
  • This trick is especially useful while writing nicknames or slang names.

Learn how to get more to the self through the shortcuts in iOS – iPhone Auto Correct Efficient Use

One of the thing that most users complain while writing an iOS device is self-correcting, which sometimes interprets what we are writing in a totally different way sometimes, resulting in funny situations.


If you are one of those users who has managed to master the self-correcting, your insurance iDevice that what comes next will help you, because today we’ll talk about how to use this function more effectively in order to make your Apple mobile operating system useful .


Thanks to this little trick that makes writing so easier and avoid having the self-correcting of words which does not match with the words we were suppose to write, creating some useless and funny sentences. 


Shortcuts or shortcuts, our great allies – iPhone Autocorrect Working 

As we stated above that there is a simple and uncomplicated trick i.e shortcuts or shortcuts . The Apple iOS operating system offers us the possibility to create our own shortcuts. The thing is, that we can create shortcuts of those words we use most frequently without the risk of getting self-correcting re-doing by the system.

Using keyboard shortcuts in iOS is really easy and it can use several devices interchangeably , it not only synchronize when they are created but are also modified, only thing that need to be identified with our iCloud account is different iDevice.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcut – Image Source Social Work Tech

How to use shortcuts for iOS – iPhone Auto Correct Setup in Quick Easy Steps

This function allows us to create and configure keyboard shortcuts at our own will, so that we can write more quickly and easily. However, this time we will do it somewhat differently, that is, instead of using abbreviations that the self-correcting identifies and replaces it with particular words ,what we will do is enter the full word that must not be corrected in future .


To configure it, we’ll  have to go to menu Settings – General – Keyboard and press the option Create shortcut and once we get there we just introduce the term for which we want that the self-correcting must not interrupt, but of course, we can also choose the use  of system abbreviations.

As you have seen it is something very simple that can be of great utility . Remember we can not only take advantage of the shortcuts on the iPhone, but also on iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch, even on your Mac, although the latter does not have as much sense as the other devices.

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