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iOS 10 brings many changes as well as improvements for users. However, there are some other interesting features that Apple has not announced during the WWDC 2016 event.

  1. Clear all messages on notification center


iOS 10 allows users to delete all the messages in the Notification Center simultaneously with the Clear button located on the right top corner. On the previous versions, instead of only removing a notification of each application group, now just a tap, users can delete all.

  1. Close all tab on Safari


With iOS 9 and lower, users have to close each Safari tab, and this is very inconvenient and time-consuming. However, the iOS 10 now allows users to close all tabs at once by holding switch tab key in the right corner of Safari to appear the notification as image above

  1. Search notifications


Instead of having to swipe up, swipe down to search the necessary notification. IOS users 10 just point into the Search bar to search quickly notifications.

  1. Refresh the back key


The ‘back’ key is redesigned smaller so that users can see the icon of 3G and Wi-Fi. A small but necessary improvement on iOS 10

  1. Advertise apps


Apple’s developers are now more confident with their apps on the App Store. Besides highlighting the blue background apps after developers sign up buying advertisement with Apple, registration apps are prioritized to advertise in relevant keywords when users search for a particular application.

  1. Filter mails


The function of filtering mails with attached files for VIP can help users to easily manage their mailbox.

  1. 3D Touch for Flashlight


IPhone 6s/6s plus users can use 3D Touch features for flashlight on the Control Center with 3 different brightness levels.

  1. Use handwriting for iMessage


iMessage brings us many great changes. The addition of popular handwriting samples as “Thank You”, “Happy Birthday”, … enables richer content for messaging. To activate this function, rotate the device for larger space so that users can write and draw on the screen more comfortably.

  1. Report ‘Read’ for each individual message


On the previous versions when users activate ‘send read receipts’ feature, it will be applied for all messages. However, on iOS 10, users can apply for each individual message. To enable this function, access the Detail section for dialogue then select “Send Read Receipts” option.

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