Useful tips of 3D Touch for iPhone 6s/6s plus

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3D Touch is one of the special features only available for iPhone 6s/6s plus. Here are some useful tips that users can take advantage of the 3D Touch.

  1. Make calls, messages quickly


From the Home screen, press and hold the icon ‘Phone’, a small board will appear. Here you can make calls for regular contacts or create a new contact quickly, do the same with Message and Factime apps. You can also set options of 3D Touch in the Setting.

  1. Launch camera quickly


Users can also perform quick 3D Touch like selfie, video recording, slow-motion recording…. You just press and hold the camea app on the Home screen.

  1. Interact with Apple Map faster

3D Touch also allows users to perform applications such as iBooks, Mail, Safari …. You can discover for yourself. Using 3D with Apple Map can direct you fast way to go home, note the current location, send your location to others and search nearby.


However, other apps such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Google Maps have not been supported with 3D Touch feature, but it will be brought onto these apps soon.

  1. Preview documents, emails without opening

One of the most exciting features equipped on the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus the “Peak and pop”. This feature allows users to preview the contents of emails, documents, web pages, maps or some other links without having to open apps.


For example, when you are using Mail, press and hold a random mail, a tab with the contents of the mail will be displayed for previewing. You can open full screen or escape easily without bothering to open each mail as before. Moreover, you can also swipe upwards to perform some other commands such as reply, mark, move messages, or notify.

  1. Transfer apps rapidly


Other quick tips of 3D Touch, just press hard on the left edge of the screen, you will see a wide range of apps using. From now, you can switch among applications without having to press Home button 2 times as before.

  1. Experience games better

One of other great features of 3D Touch is the ability to identify touch pressures in games. You do not have to take a series of complex operations on keys anymore.


For example, in AG Drive, you press to fly at a normal speed, press harder for maximum speed.

At present, there has not been games supporting for 3D Touch yet, but the next year, there will have many games released when the number of users using iPhone 6s, 6s plus and upcoming iPhone 7 become more and more.

  1. Zoom in screen

Another utility is zooming the screen when the display of letters is not large enough. You can open this feature by going to Settings> General> Accessibility> Zoom> On.


When it is opened, you can activate at any time by typing 2 times 3 fingers on the screen, that time the screen has been enlarged. If you want to exit ‘zoom’ mode, use 3 fingers to knock 2 times to zoom out the screen.

  1. Live photos

When taking an imag with Live Photos, just press hard on the image, you will see it animated.


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