Wanna scan documents in Notes app in iOS 11? Here is how

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Apple’s stock Notes app is getting better and better every year. In iOS 10, Apple added collaboration, a cool feature that allows you to share your notes with your friends and families. With iOS 11, the Notes app has got a number of new features that make it even more useful and help it stand in line with more popular note apps out there like Evernote and OneNote.

One of the greatest additions to Apple’s Notes app in iOS 11 is the ability to scan documents right in the app. This comes in handy, as it saves the burden of downloading a third-party app from the App Store. If you have been using the Notes app since the day one of iOS 10, you will find a lot of new things to explore.

In this tutorial, we will run you through the steps to scan documents in Notes app in iOS 11. Before we get started, note that the ability to scan documents in Notes app is available in iOS 11 only, so make sure that you are now running iOS 11 beta on your device.

Steps to scan documents in Notes app in iOS 11

  1. Steps to scan documents in Notes app in iOS 11 on your iPhone

Step one: First off, you need to launch Notes app from your home screen. Once you are in, you can either create a new note or open an existing note. If you want to create a new note, you simply need to hit the pencil button at the bottom and hit the Plus button

Step two: Next up, from the pop-up menu, all you need to do is to select Scan Documents. After that, point your camera on the paper or document you wish to scan

Step three: The process is completely automated, so all you need to wait until it is done. Alternatively, you can manually scan the paper. To do this, use your fingers to adjust the scan so all the edges fit perfectly in the frame.

  1. Steps to save scanned documents in Notes app in iOS 11 on your iPhone

Step one: Once you are satisfied with the result, hit the Save button located at the bottom right corner of the screen

Step two: When your scanned paper is saved. The next step is to enter the name for it. To do this, you simply need to tap on the name at the top and type a name

Step three: Hit the Done button to complete the task.

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If you run into any issues during the process, let us know in the comments below.

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