What can be done on the expensive Apple Watch?

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Apple Watch is considered as an accessory exclusively for iPhone so if they are connected with an iPhone (from iPhone 5 or higher), how can it promote? What can be done on Apple Watch? This is the question that many consumers have wondered whether they should spend a large sum of money to buy Apple Watch or not. Here are some useful features and capabilities of Apple Watch.

Apple Watch beside iPhone
Apple Watch beside iPhone

1. Usability when having iPhone alongside

When you’re holding in your hand an iPhone 5 or higher, you can activate Apple Watch. This time Apple Watch will become a smart watch really, you can use all its functions.


Function: listen, call, message, mail:

This is one function that all smartphones on the market today are required to have and done well. And now, Apple has officially introduced the basic features of a portable cellular phone for a wrist device.

Apple Watch incoming call
Apple Watch incoming call

Apple Watch can connect to iPhone, receive incoming calls, incoming messages, email instead of iPhone so you do not need to take the iPhone out to see (for customers who use bags, handbags, this advantage is very useful if they are not comfortable to carry the phone). This function also allows you to manipulate when these things happen, for example you can receive or reject calls, answer mail, message, or to later, or see, … all functions can be done well on Apple Watch.


Health care:

As you know, the later iOS version has integrated function health check for users, and now Apple Watch has also been equipped with this feature.

Apple Watch uses training app for users’ health, check the level of training, their activities through two main apps Workout and Activity.

Activity will give you an overview about your status, by 3 circle with 3 different colors represent three different aspects: red is the level of consumption of calories, green is the exercise time and blue is the time to stand up and your rest.

These 3 circles will fit together into one concentric circle, and show separate levels.

Apple Watch health care
Apple Watch health care


Workout app is somewhat different, it shows you the daily index you practice more detail.

Both two applications will be synchronized with health check Heart application on iPhone and let you know the results when necessary.



This is one new feature on iOS, iPhone, and also has been integrated into the inside of Apple. It allows you to pay without cash, only the use of visa and then scan recognition so that Apple Watch can work. Because Apple Watch can be connected with Apple Pay so the payment now will become faster (of course, only applies to the shopping center that supports this feature).

Payment on Apple Watch
Payment on Apple Watch

In addition, Apple Watch also further support Passbook feature, which allows storage of ticket number, ship number to pay through this way.


Watch Kit

As development platform for Apple Watch, Watch Kit allows apps developers exclusively for this device.



Now Siri is sorted so that now it’s available on the “iWatch” by Tim Cook, this app allows you to use this watch as using the iPhone, search, voice actions, messages, call telephone… are integrated.

2. What Apple Watch can do when not connected to iPhone

When launching this product, Apple informs that Apple Watch will connect to iPhone to use. However, Apple Watch won’t become “expensive brick clock” when not connected to iPhone. Let’s examine its offline features.

Features music never lack on the smart device, so Apple Watch too.

Even without the iPhone (Activated Apple Watch by iPhone), you could still use the music player to listen to the songs that were synchronized with iTunes, iCloud. This time it will become a stylish iPod.

Music on Apple Watch
Music on Apple Watch

Apple Watch will allow you to listen to music through iPhone’s bluetooth headset.

Health features will still be used when no iPhone

You can still check the status of your health, your exercise regime without iPhone, but when the test result or bring up the chart, you will need iPhone.


Checkout online – offline

This function will not change even if you take your iPhone or not, it can store the purchase information, your bill into QR code form, then pay for the shopping center by visa through the scan code and send.


Photos feature

View hours function is indispensable, but it also has memory that can store photos and music. Therefore, you can see the image that it has saved, but the difficulty is relatively small screen.

Watch Apple also lets you customize the clock display screen, showing your personality and style.

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