What to expect from Apple’s March event

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Last week, Apple sent out invitations for the company’s unexpected 27 March event. This comes as a surprise, as this is the first time we are seeing an Apple’s March event. The upcoming event will take place at the Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago and marks Apple’s focus on education.

This is not the first time we are seeing an education-themed event from Apple. Back in 2012, the Cupertino company held an education event in New York where it unveiled digital textbooks. Apple hardly announces new hardware products at a themed event, but we are still expecting something new this year.

In the section below, we are going to give a preview of what’s coming at this year’s event. Before we get started, we are now so close to the event, so make sure you catch up with the latest news.

What we expect to see at Apple’s March event

  1. New iPads

Some recent reports claim that Apple might unveil new iPad models at this year’s education event. This goes against what we heard in previous rumors that new iPads would be announced at Apple’s WWDC event. Back in 2016, Apple unveiled a 9.7 inch iPad at a March event, so new iPads are possible at this year’s event.

Rumors regarding Apple’s new iPads have been circulating around for months, hinting at new design and impressive features. However, a premium iPad will not make its debut until September. Tech experts say that Apple will unveil a cheaper iPad at its education event. The new iPad will come with slight improvements, like a faster processor and new cameras. Sources say that moderate upgrade allows Apple to lower the price for the iPad and launch the device in emerging markets.

  1. New MacBooks

According to rumors, Apple has been building cheaper MacBook models for years, targeting customers at emerging markets. The Cupertino company is now ready to unveil what it’s been working on.

At this year’s education event, Apple might introduce a new MacBook with lower price tag. Ming-Chi Kuo, who is best known for his accurate forecasts when it comes to Apple devices, Apple’s new MacBook Air will target educational markets and compete directly with Google Chromebooks.

Sources say that the new MacBook will carry a $799 price tag, making it the cheapest MacBook ever released to the public. The upcoming MacBook Air will come with slight updates to get a lower price tag.

  1. New Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil serves as one of the highlights of Apple’s iPad Pro lineup, allowing users to edit their photos or documents right on the display. Sources claim that Apple has been working on a new Apple Pencil for years and is now ready to release it to the public.

Tech experts say that the new Apple Pencil will be made for students, so it might come with a lower price tag and support affordable iPads. The upcoming Apple Pencil will come with faster Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for better communication with iPad Pro.

  1. iPhone SE 2

Back in 2016, Apple announced a 4 inch iPhone SE, with premium specs and 5s’s design. The iPhone SE failed to live up with expectations, forcing Apple to lower the price and launch the device in emerging markets.

iPhone SE is one of the hottest items in India, hinting at a possible release of iPhone SE 2. We have heard rumors of a new iPhone SE for months, suggesting that the new device will come with upgraded internals and new design. However, sources claim that Apple has no plan to unveil a new iPhone in March, meaning that there will be no March iPhone release.

  1. Live stream

Apple has a long tradition of offering live stream for its special events. However, Apple has confirmed that the company’s education event will not be streamed, and it will upload a video to its event site after the event concludes.

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