Whatsapp Could be the Future of Customer Services

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  • Whatsapp arises revolutionize “call center” through a company called Massyphone.
  • Massyphone allows sending bulk messages and also the technical support chat via WhatsApp.
  • With this service, customers could make inquiries and receive assistance more quickly and effectively via WhatsApp.

The Future of the “Call Centre” could pass for WhatsApp

We all know that instant messaging application, WhatsApp , a few years ago revolutionized the concept of mobile communication , leaving almost forgotten to text messages and even, somehow, the phone calls. But now Whatsapp has arrived for revolutionize ‘call centre’.


The most used application for instant messaging, which has over 500 million users worldwide, is present in the vast majority of current phones and now also being used in some “call center”, thanks to the company  MassyPhone , already offering this service to companies. Founded in 2012, this ‘start up’ allows sending bulk messages and also allows the technical support chat via WhatsApp.

The operation will be very similar to that currently used in the “call centre”, in which a machine is guiding us through the process depending on the answers we give. The advantage is that with WhatsApp it will be even more visual and easy to perform steps such as balance inquiry, receive a relevant notice, request technical support or clarification , avoiding going through the process of choosing between a series of numbers before you get personalized attention.

WhatsApp wants to change the way we understand the support

The cofounder of MassyPhone, Marina Assir said:

“What we wanted to do was, in principle, replace the SMS and emails. Quality is needed in shipping, it was cheaper and able to send video “

But the idea does not end here. Companies began to call for a quality service that is capable of providing instant messaging and through which customer could contact directly without any problem.


The director of the company consists of five people based in Madrid, and it plans to expand its business in Latin American market , also said:

“We created a web interface that is multiuser and can manage contacts and conversations, track operators provide, monitor or send auto responses”

Despite the good results that this application is having something that investors are unsure about is the idea whose support is newly acquired by Facebook , i.e WhatsApp  for fear that at one point used the application to stop a massive scale, or simply it may eventually disappear like so many other applications.


Anyway, MassyPhone has found customers in Spain and now is reaching to Latin America.

As noted from CNNExpansión , the CEO of the Madrid-based company, said:

“We have focused on the Spanish market (…) We are in the process of seeking partners interested in working with us to suit the local needs of each country”

We’ll have to see how it evolves and if this new system eventually ends implanted in our country. If it works as it look and we can give faster customer service, so be it. How about the idea that companies start using WhatsApp as a means to serve their customers in general?


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