Whatsapp can Reflect Negatively on the Education of Children

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  • Parents and communicate not only the school gate each other, now use Whatsapp .
  • Create groups for the children’s agenda and “gossip” or attack the center staff .
  • Through Whatsapp facts can be drawn from context , depending on the environment in which each person is.

Children can be Negatively Influenced by Whatsapp

Many schools begin to give talks to parents to create awareness, around the application Whatsapp and the problems that can lead this program messaging for teaching their children and relationships of parents and teachers.

WhatsApp is an application that everyone has made ​​life easier when it comes to communicating, talking about the old sms and seems prehistoric . However, it is important to differentiate the uses that can be given to this program, and it is clear that many still do not. Can you imagine your doctor for medical outcome by sending a Whatsapp? No, right ?


Now the Fault of Parents – Whatsapp the Kill of Teenage Emotions

The worst is that the misuse of courier does not come from some teenagers who can apologize in a way, but their parents . It is paradoxical, but it is happening; parents of students have decided to become the agendas on their children and create groups of Whatsapp where everything is controlled to the millimeter, from what happens to their children in the schoolyard until even “plotting” against teachers in some way or other members of the group itself, so you must be very careful with Whatsapp because it can play tricks .

Things have gotten out of hand and all children are losing their autonomy and independence . What you are getting with this behavior is that young people do not worry about remembering what to do, since we already have who do it for them, and someday may become independent it very difficult or impossible, as already They will not have your parents there to help them every step of his life.

A Real Case – How Whatsapp is a Negative Influence on Teenagers

A school such as Salesian San Ignacio de Cádiz, has decided to take action and has begun to advise parents to use another way to communicate or learn also has forbidden teachers to maintain contact with parents of students through Whatsapp

This group of Whatsapp is the battlefield where the lions are thrown to the teacher or school head. According to statements Cadena Ser sociologist Francesc Núñez:

“When you make a comment, telling your child is dropped at school, you do it from your context. You may be having coffee with other parents or commute. And in that context, what you write, has a specific meaning. But to send WhatsApp group enters a public space, your message may be copied and forwarded to other forums, and comes immediately to other phones, other people in other contexts and then the information are read from very different ways. And that leads to misunderstandings, offenses, the feel attacked, thinking ?, but what this says what has been thought this mother? Or what do they think the teachers?

Do you think that the excessive use of all that technology puts at our fingertips, it benefits us or against us for damages in certain aspects of life?

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