Where To Sell Your Old iPhone Before Upgrading To 2018 iPhones

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There is nearly a month left, Apple will introduce its new 2018 iPhone models. If you have decided that you will be upgrading to a new 2018 iPhone and want to optimize the fee for the upgrade, the smart thing you should do is selling your existing iPhone right now.

The Perfect Time to Sell your Old iPhone

As soon as the new iPhones are released, prices of older iPhones will be crashing down. It means your current iPhone will also lose its value at least hundreds of dollars. If you can sell your current iPhone at a good price, upgrading to one of Apple’s 2018 iPhones just costs you a few hundred dollars.

Apple 2018 iPhones are expected to be released on September 12. So if you plan on selling your existing iPhone right away, you need to use a spare phone for about three weeks

However, before you sell your iPhone, here are a few things you should note. Let’s take a look at them below.

What Should You Do Before Selling Your Old iPhone?

  1. Unlock your iPhone

Many carriers lock the iPhone so that users can only use their single SIM card. If you want to raise the value of your iPhone, you should unlock your phone first, which allows it to work on multiple carriers. You can check your current service provider to know how they handle unlocking an iPhone. Some carriers will do it for free if you have paid for a certain amount or the contract is already over.

  1. Backup All Data

It’s very necessary to create a backup of all your data if you don’t want to start from scratch on the new iPhone. Once all your data is backed up, you can easily restore all your apps, contacts, photos, and other data to the new iPhone and then start using it immediately without having to install them again.

We advise you to use iTunes to create a backup of the data on your iPhone. This method is faster and ideal for those who don’t usually have access to an internet connection.

  1. Turn off Find my iPhone and Erase Your iPhone

The anti-theft system of Apple is highly evaluated. However, when you plan on selling your iPhone, make sure that it is turned off. Otherwise, the buyer will not able to use your phone

Once the Find my iPhone is disabled, you should also erase your iPhone to make it clean. You obviously don’t want to give all your data on your old iPhone to a stranger.

Where to Sell Your Old iPhone

The place you sell your iPhone also decides the value of your device. If you go with the safest route, you cannot get a good price for your iPhone.

Carrier Stores

You can bring iPhone to your carrier and then trade it for a newer iPhone model. Carriers advertise impressive trade-in programs but in most cases, the value of your iPhone rebought from those carriers is usually lower than selling your iPhone on eBay, Craiglist, or some of the other online retailers. For example, if you are on T-Mobile carrier, you should wait for the un-carrier to reveal its trade-in deal.

If you are using other networks, you cannot expect your carrier to offer a lucrative deal. In such cases, you’d better sell your iPhone on Craiglist.


Do you know that you can also trade-in your current iPhone through Amazon? Amazon has a pretty good trade-in program and the online retailer is now offering a 28-day lock-in price. It means if you have an estimated trade-in value for your current iPhone, ship it to Amazon after purchasing the new 2018 iPhone.

However, similar to other trade-in programs, the value of your iPhone will not be too higher. For instance, an unlocked iPhone 7 Plus will only fetch up to $300 from the trade-in program of Amazon. There’s another catch as you need to use the credit you to purchase products from Amazon.

➤ Trade-in your iPhone at Amazon

Trade-In Websites

There are also other reseller websites like GazelleOrchard, or NextWorth for selling your current iPhone if you want to avoid the headache of selling your iPhone via Craiglist or eBay. But they often offer a lower price than what you can earn when you directly sell it on eBay or other sites.

Swappa is a famous website for trading-in renowned smartphones and it’s estimated to give a better trade-in value than other competing websites. If you trade-in an iPhone X, you can gain up to $620, while you can get nearly $495 with an iPhone 8 Plus. Unlike eBay, it charges a fee irrespective of how much your phone is sold for.

Best Buy, Walmart, and other retailers also provide a trade-in program but the trade-in price will be on the lower side.

Family or Friends

Giving your iPhone to a member of your family or a friend is a simple way to sell your iPhone with a minimal risk. The recipients will be happy to purchase a newly used phone from relatives and you can also help them with the transition process.

iPhone Upgrade Program

If you upgrade to the latest iPhone annually, you should consider participating in Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. In this program, you can purchase your iPhone on a 2-year contract where you need to pay for your iPhone through monthly installments. After the first 12 months ends, you can then upgrade to a new one through trading in your current iPhone and then paying the additional monthly installment.

iPhone Upgrade Program is a better program when compared to other similar contracts by carriers because AppleCare+ is bundled for the phone for free with the program.






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