Whether Apple Watch can resist sweat and fingerprints or not

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Apple Watch has been released to the market for a while and received great attention from tech lovers. However, most Apple tech lovers still don’t have the opportunity to experience and do not know how it is, because its price is not cheap at all. Apple has earlier confirmed that Apple Watch’s water resistance is quite good. Therefore, the question raised by many users is whether Apple Watch can resist sweat from users’ hand or not.

Whether or not the backside of Apple Watch can be water resistance
Whether or not the backside of Apple Watch can be water resistance

    Apple Watch can resist sweat?

In fact, Apple Watch’s water resistance is quite good. An experiment has shown that i t can resist water containing bleach as pool water for nearly 15 minutes, or can “shower” under the shower when the person wearing it to go to the toilet.

The matter is what you most often encounter, it was sweaty hands.

Water shower in the bathroom, or the water in the pool, are only encountered several times a day, but sweat is one thing worrying. Because of habit, many users will wear it during the day, and it’s very inconvenient if Apple Watch really cannot be sweat resistant.

Watch Apple’s design is quite perfect when the front of Apple Watch as well as its backside may very well against water. You can use Apple Watch under the rain, accidentally meet the rain on the way, or suddenly be thrown water at body. All is no problem with Apple Watch.

Certified IPX7 standards, Apple Watch also temporarily approved with its water resistance, what about sweat?

The backside with charging system
The backside with charging system

 Each person has one certain amount of sweat hand, if you use Apple Watch, wrist position will stagnate a little sweat. If you do not dry, it will be there quite long.

Sweat contains toxins that the body excreted, so like the water, it may affect the equipment.

However, you do not need to worry because the exposed side of Apple Watch with the wrist is equipped with charging system, but it is one kind of new charging technology. It doesn’t use any conventional connection so your device still can charge which you needn’t plug into one slot of the back side.

The sweat from users' hand will not affect on device
The sweat from users’ hand will not affect on device

Because there are no gaps, it also limits the sweat damaging components inside the machine.           Combined with the design featured waterproof, Apple Watch will give you resistance to both trickle, sweat in the process you use it.

If you hesitate or fear you are sweating a lot and you don’t dare to use Apple Watch, now you do not have to worry anymore, you just need to regularly use a paper towel to absorb sweat. This will ensure that you can use Apple Watch normally.

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