Whether or not iOS operating system is safe

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Many people believe that Apple’s iOS operating system is a very secure operating system, but in fact, with the number of users continues to increase, the iOS operating system has become a target for hackers and various security holes have been exposed.

According to reports of mass media, iOS / OSX of Apple was discovered big security hole which attackers could use this vulnerability to steal the passwords of thousands of applications. If these vulnerabilities are controlled by hackers, the consequences will be very serious. Fortunately, those who discovered this vulnerability was a group of researchers, so they reported to Apple.


Jan SOUCEK information security expert also found that iOS 8.3 operating system along with mailbox exist many risks losing high security. That iPhone users simply install the cookies application on their devices also can be easily attacked by hackers. Through these security holes, the hacker can send HTML code into your mailbox. These attacks often allow users to use iCloud account to log in inbox and then steal account information.

In some cases, Apple’s iOS system will get a text message, then the SMS system automatically freeze. This message contains a number of words and letters. If phone of users is locked, this security hole can automatically restart your phone.

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