Explanation Why Apple Rejects Applications

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What does it take to get approval on the App Store? Apple has posted 10 common reasons for which it usually refuses iOS applications.


Who ever designs an app for iOS will certainly know how frustrating it could be to get Apple’s approval for publication in the App Store , but what are the reasons why the company rejects the app ? What are the biggest mistakes that most of the developers accomplished? Infographic released by Cupertino provides a top 10 list of the most common reasons why the softwares are rejected.



The main reason behind the refusal on the App Store regards the sending of an incomplete software , missing information, descriptions, essential elements or characteristics clearly required by the guidelines published by Apple. Also rejected are the app that have obvious bugs and complex user interfaces or which are of little use, sometimes misleading, deceptive or other similar software that are already deployed on the popular virtual store, those with inappropriate names or artwork.

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Respite app even when they have placeholder text and distributed applications in beta or demo. It should be emphasized that approximately 58% of the software rejected fall into one of these reasons , while 42% falls in the remaining reasons, to below 2% each. To recap:

  • 14%: lack of essential information;
  • 8%: app presenting bug;
  • 6%: app that does not conform to the terms and conditions of the Programme of development and which have poorly developed interface;
  • 5%: app with names, descriptions or screenshots are not relevant to the content of the software and app misleading;
  • 4%: app whose name causes confusion;
  • 4%: app with placeholder text;
  • 3%: app-rated inappropriate;
  • 2%: app in beta or demo.

Despite Apple has always been famous for its secret policies, has decided to give a hand to the developer, revealing the main reasons behind the rejection of an app on the Apple Store. There are lots of titles that do not meet the rigorous standards of the bitten apple, but this is undoubtedly an added value for the end user, that the popular store for iOS devices with the heart can thus benefit only software of good value.



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