Your iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode? How To Fix It

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After you listen to some of your favorite songs through headphones, you think it’s enough to put them away and use your iPhone as normal. However, suddenly you see that your iPhone is already stuck in the headphone mode, even when your device is no longer connected to headphones.

Before worrying about this issue, let me tell you there are a number of users that have encountered and been facing it at some point. From what I’ve experienced, I’m sure it’s just a glitch which can be rectified just with a few simple tricks.

But, ruling out the possibility of hardware damage is not wise either. Whatever could also be the culprit behind the issue? So, now, let’s try some quick fixes and then check if the problem is gone on your iPhone.

Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode Issue

Solution 1: Clean Headphone Jack/Lightning Port

Why I recommend this method on top is that this simple trick has worked for me. At times, pocket lint accidentally sneaks into the port and starts to create trouble. So, before proceeding with other tricks, you should try this simple but effective one. To do so:

  • First, make a quick shake to your device to fall dust or smudge out of the port.
  • Next, use an interdental brush and gently clean it. After you have removed the smudge, play a song again and check if the iPhone can now finally deliver sound.


Make sure the mute switch is already disabled. Also, increase the sound with the volume button or the slider in the Control Center.

Solution 2: Make sure the “Call Audio Routing is set to Automatic

Another trick I suggest you try out is set the “Call Audio Routing” to automatic. It determines where the audio will be heard during phone or FaceTime calls.

To do so, navigate to Settings → General → Accessibility, scroll down and tap on Call Audio Routing. After that, make sure to choose the Automatic option.

If the Automatic option is already chosen, tap on Speaker option. Next, restart your iPhone as usual. Then, play any song and you should now hear the sound coming out of your phone.

If the problem is already gone, return to the same setting and select Automatic option.

Solution 3: Make sure your iPhone is chosen as the Audio Output option

You might not know that your iPhone has the option to perfectly control where the audio is played. There is a chance your iPhone is not chosen as the output option. So, you should check it out. To do so:

  • Simply open up the Control Center by swiping up or swiping down from the top right corner and then hold the audio card.
  • Touch and hold the AirPlay icon and make sure your iPhone is selected.

Solution 4: Disconnect Bluetooth device from your iPhone

While this sounds crazy, at times you have to try out such things to deal with a strange issue like this one. To fix it:

Head to Settings → Bluetooth → tap on the ‘i” button next to each device. Next, select Forget This Device and confirm it.

Now, play a track and check if the problem is already gone.

Solution 5: Update your device to the latest iOS version

Believe me, a number of issues on iOS can be fixed through a software update. The update usually includes a fix patch that could get rid of all the existing bugs on your iPhone.

Navigate to Settings → General → Software Update. From there, check if Apple has released an update available for your phone. If it’s here, just go for it.

Contact Apple Support

If the “iOS device stuck in headphone mode” issue is not fixed yet after trying all above methods, you should bring your iPhone to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for further assistance.

In case there is no nearby service location, you can contact Apple Support for help.


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